Marketing Made Simple as A, B, C

Added Value for Women Travellers

These simple concepts allow management to come up with the most reasonable and appropriate  personalised ways to satisfy their female guests – using the Services, Amenities, Facilities and Design provided by their individual hotel.

Four affective emotion states (wants) were identified:

Feelings of Safety

Above all, women want to feel safe

Added Value: Hotel managers should review the ways they can reinforce their hotel’s safety, including covered parking, secure locks, well lit hallways, and thoughtful room location.

Valued merchandise needs safe parking
Valued merchandise needs safe parking










Feelings of Comfort and Relaxation

Specific amenities are less important than an overall “luxurious ambience.” Many may well choose hotels that demonstrate an interest in making them feel special and pampered. Women are more concerned about getting a good night’s sleep than their male counterparts. Women believe that sleep is itself a valuable use of time; Women take sleep seriously and are twice as likely as men to bring their own pillow when they travel.

Added Value: Numerous attributes of the hotel room environment itself — heat, light, sound, colour — contribute to perceptions of comfort and relaxation, with increasing numbers of hotels striving to create a spa-like ambience

Massinga Beach Ocean Front room - every comfort catered for
Massinga Beach Ocean Front room – every comfort catered for










Feelings of Empowerment

The one thing all women in the sample had in common was the desire to feel empowered. Business travel to broadens their horizons, contributes to their professional advancement, and provides them with freedom from daily routines. Room service and the convenience of in-room facilities play an important role in helping women travellers achieve a sense of independence and well-being.

Added value: Give opportunities to exercise on site, request room service, or take advantage of the executive lounge.

Kerry, our Airedale, knows how to relax
Kerry, our Airedale, knows how to relax










Feelings of Being Valued as a Woman Traveller

Beyond standard services, women also appreciate an array of amenities that make them feel pampered and valued. A recurring theme that has emerged in recent surveys is that women travellers do not feel that the hospitality industry values them.

 Added value: Hotels have begun to respond to this concern by providing an array of items including upgraded amenities, brand-name bath products, make-up mirrors, fresh flowers, and flavoured coffees and teas. Women also enjoy large windows, light-coloured walls, and stylish room furnishings.

Feeling appreciated will bring a smile to anyone's face
Feeling appreciated will bring a smile to anyone’s face










The report has many interesting observations from their survey including how male and female management perceive women’s needs.

hhhmmmm Men are still from Mars! and Ladies hail elegantly from Venus!  Thanks to Mr Gray,

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