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Suze Bouwer, Marketing Coach, Enabler & Content Creation

Meet Suze Bouwer, Marketing Coach & Enabler

Award-nominated Suze Bouwer, Marketing Coach, is the owner and creator of Redmatchstick.com. 

Suze was a nominated FINALIST for the Woman of Stature Woman of the Year Awards in the “Technology” category.

Services include:

  • Show You How
  • Do It With You
  • Do It For You.
  • DIY Freebies

Suze helps online shop owners, coaches, start-ups, and hospitality service providers embrace the necessary technologies and marketing opportunities available today to ATTRACT – ENGAGE – NURTURE and CONVERT Customers.

Challenging work, commitment, passion and believing in a more significant reason brought Suzette to Today. Although widowed at an early age, Suzette’s Mom became an award-winning farmer and played a significant role in instilling the values and resilience Suze called on to push onward and upward.

Suzette is a woman with integrity who delivers value beyond her clients’ expectations.

Every Challenge has a Lesson to be Learned.

She relies on her life experiences, emotional and professional maturity, walking the talk, testing, tweaking, and leveraging her knowledge within her own three businesses to support and galvanise small business owners in her unique way.

This is her story – Suzette currently coaches small business owners and managers to do marketing through practical implementation and developing the necessary skills to succeed. Suzette facilitates workshops that provide a safe place for like-minded entrepreneurs to overcome procrastination, tech fears, feelings of inadequacy, and a lack of digital marketing knowledge.

Suzette originally planned to be a teacher until she discovered Psychology at the University of Cape Town. Later, a philanthropic employer sent her to study Marketing part-time at WITS Business School, launching her career in hotels during the pen and letter writing era. Later, the telex machine was high-tech in those days, followed by a Remington typewriter, then came Fax and IBM Selectric and on to email and PC. So, in 2013 a move to social media and smartphones seemed a natural next step to becoming a Modern Marketer.

Southern Africa Marketing Expert

Suze Bouwer, Southern Africa Marketing Expert

Suze learned about marketing, sales, and the meaning of “Service” over 25 years in executive marketing roles in the hospitality industry across Southern Africa.

During this time, she had the privilege to be on the opening team for hotels and lodges like

Marion on Nicol in Johannesburg.

Massinga Beach Lodge in Mozambique,

Lonrho Hotels Grand Karavia in Lubumbashi, and

Rani Resorts Indigo Bay, Pemba Beach and Matemo Resort

Stocks Hotels’ The Commodore (V&A Waterfront),

Cresta Lodges (Harare & Gaborone),

However, because of a spinal injury, Suzette had to slow down and take control of her lifestyle. With a reputation as a respected industry professional and finding herself surrounded by up-and-coming young millennials, it became abundantly clear that she had to learn modern marketing or become extinct.

Suze Bouwer eagerly dived into the internet, going ‘Back to School’ at age 54. The oldest person in the “Class of 2013”, she battled through an online digital marketing course and experienced the challenges of studying in isolation.

Looking for more support, she opted for an expensive US mentor. A time marked by struggles with time zones, cultural disparity, communication barriers and relevance.

Her pursuit of new skills delivered many lessons, which paved the way she helps clients overcome their barriers today. Things like not enough time, wasted money, unethical mentors, procrastination, tech barriers, info overwhelm from too many options and advice, feeling’ too stupid for this’ or facing the reality of having a ‘sell-by-date’ label.

Too far down the road, giving up was not an option. Suzette continued studying and learned how to decipher and implement what mattered.

She went on to build a diverse digital marketing knowledge base. Suzette upgraded to a modern marketing expert, and, by trial and error, the technical expertise needed to work smart and get the job done.

Thus, providing living, breathing evidence that an old dog can learn new tricks!

She realised she loved showing friends what she was learning and doing in her business.

She planned to open a digital marketing service consultancy differentiated by her deep knowledge of the challenges business owners experience on a “long way round adventure”. But as more and more people learned about her new ‘teaching’ and knowledge sharing competencies, her marketing coaching passion was ignited.

Suze Bouwer Marketing Invigorator

Suze Bouwer, Marketing Coach & Enabler on the beach

Suzette genuinely and authentically WALKS THE TALK! Suze is a Marketing Enabler, and whether you want to Learn How or get it Done For You, this is a unique proposal based on thirty plus years in the trenches and the ‘classroom’.

She offers an alternative, shorter, more straightforward, and enjoyable route that empowers and upskills clients while adding resources to grow business.

Suze runs owned online business marketing platforms, keeping her at the forefront of updates and dynamic best practices. Suze is joint owner of these businesses:

www.redmatchstick.com                     Marketing Coach, Enabler & Content Creation

www.collagenpeptides.co.za               Collagen Powder Wholesale

www.hireclassiccars.co.za                    Classic Cars for Hire

Client List

In addition to small business marketing workshops, Suze Bouwer’s, current and past DO IT WITH YOU, or Coaching list includes:

  • Herbert Evans Group
  • Blue Velvet Events & Gifts
  • Mbano Manor in Victoria Falls
  • African Sun Hotels
  • Towncrowd City Planners
  • Paws for Africa Gifts
  • The River Club – Zambia
  • The Els Club Copperleaf
  • Bryanston Country Club
  • Country Club Johannesburg
  • The Bead House
  • Victoria Falls Hotel
  • Dainfern Golf Club
  • Kloof Country Club
  • The Metropolitan Golf Club in Cape Town
  • The Club Management Association of Southern Africa
  • Randpark Golf Club (Best of Joburg 2015)
  • Ruimsig Country Club
  • Massinga Beach Lodge and Castelo do Mar in Mozambique,
  • Marion on Nicol Boutique Hotel
  • Lonrho Hotels
  • Johannesburg Boutique Collection,
  • River Place Wedding Venue
  • Meikles Hotel in Harare
  • Victoria Falls Steam Train
  • Lombardy Boutique Hotel
  • Mutapa Caia Camp
  • Leopard Rock in Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe.

“Being the richest person in the graveyard doesn’t matter to me.  

Going to bed at night knowing we’ve done something wonderful is really what matters to me” – Steve Jobs








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