Marketing Made Simple as A, B, C

Yet another argument for an e-marketing strategy … and by the way who are “Swaggers”

They (Swaggers) are very connected in terms of social networking and therefore you don’t have to talk to them directly; if you access this space in a credible and relevant way by providing content and services that appeal to the Swagger market, there’s an organic spread of message..

“Swaggers” is the name coined by the research and strategy gurus at TBWAHunt Lascaris in Durban. It refers to a group of young, impressionable, highly influential, social trendsetters who, while not quite at the spending level of the Black Diamonds, are ambitious and care no less for labels, image and the good life. For these 20-something year olds, perception is everything and their war cry is ‘fake it ’til you make it’.

Not only is this an interesting new segment for marketers to evaluate but  Their opinions count and in a country where aspiration is so important, investing in speaking to this segment will have a ripple effect to the broader market.”

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