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content marketing kaizen coaching membership

Content Marketing Kaizen Membership 2023

R295.00 now, and R295.00 on the 27th of each month

So You Decided to Join! Congrats and Welcome.

Steps to get started and Invigorate your marketing with weekly content coaching to inspire daily posts and show you how to seamlessly take people from Unaware to Know – Like – Trust – Convert.

  • To optimize your time, we’ve gone the extra mile by providing pre-prepared Bonus posts, ready for your use.
  • When you feel creative, click on a Canva template and tweak it to suit your business.
  • Ad Hoc coaching, tips and tricks videos are released during the month to invigorate your marketing.

These are the Simple Steps to Get You Started … Look out for our email with these Steps and the Insider Links.

See you there!


Content Marketing Kaizen Membership 2023

Suze Bouwer’s Content Marketing Kaizen in a Membership Group with tools and coaching to help DIY Marketers save Time, Money & Effort while creating MARKETING MESSAGES that CONVERT.


Monthly Fee R295 and get x20 times the Value!!

What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is a compound of two Japanese words that together translate as “good change” or “improvement.” Kaizen has come to mean “continuous improvement” through its association with lean methodology and principles.


This is for Action Takers that know EFFECTIVE MARKETING is critical to grow business but they are:

  • Just not that into learning strategies
  • Lacking creativity,
  • Have too much on their plates already.

This is a DONE FOR YOU CONTENT MARKETING STRATEGY with coaching and Q&A to help you constantly improve!

Why You Need This:

  • ATTRACT Your Ideal Audience
  • GROW Followers
  • ENGAGE Fans
  • BUILD Trust
  • GROW Your Email List
  • GENERATE More Leads
  • CONVERT More Sales

… While you do what you love most!

What You Get:

  1. A Unique Monthly Content Plan, suitable for any type of business, will be the framework we build on together.
  2. Content Marketing Strategy to Attract, Build & Convert your audience – all the planning is built-in and done for you.
  3. Daily Posting Strategy including Post Objective, Content Design and Copywriting Tips
  4. More than 250 Days of the Year Content Inspo
  5. 40+ Month Themes including Birthstone, Flower, Fauna.
  6. More than 280 Day of the Week Hashtags
  7. Daily Post Coaching
  8. How to Content Tutorials
  9. Weekly Marketing Strategy Snippets
  10. 100 Editable Canva Pro Templates
  11. Canva Fonts Cheat Sheet
  12. Realty specific Canva Post Templates
  13. 60+ Daily Done for You Posts
  14. Content Marketing Diary
  15. Instant Download Marketing Enablers incl:
  16. 2023 Free Image Video Download Sites_The Ultimate List.Pdf
  17. How To Create Content Pillars.Pdf
  18. 2023 Elevator Pitch On Steroids.Pdf
  19. 2023 11 Storytelling Formulas.Pdf
  20. Campaign Worksheet
  21. Content Marketing Tutorial Videos incl:
  22. How to creat Reels
  23. Likes Vs. Follows
  24. What is a Meme
  25. Different Influencers
  26. Facebook Networking Group
  27. Marketing & Sales Expert Support
  28. Members Only Exclusive Q&A
  29. 15% Discount on Online Courses
  30. Weekly Marketing Q&A

How You Will Kaizen Your Content Marketing:

  1. Download the plan monthly from a link posted in the Group
  2. Consume Weekly Tips to Help Create Content Faster
  3. Weekly Q&A to ask advice, how-to and get inspired
  4. Value Add random best practices tutorials
  5. Weekly Live coaching will be tagged and remain in the group for your convenience and ongoing referral.
  6. Pop in and out for bite-size tips to invigorate your marketing.
The weekly coaching calls are going to help you get x20 value from your investment in this Planner and Group.
This Content Marketing Kaizen coaching and the content value is R4000.00.

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