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About Suze Bouwer

Suze Bouwer: Marketing Enabler & Content Creator

Suze Bouwer, an award-nominated Marketing Coach, is the driving force behind Redmatchstick.com. Her expertise lies in helping small businesses attract, engage, nurture, and convert customers.

Suze Bouwer, Marketing Enabler

Suzette helps business owners like other coaches, realty professionals, and business service providers like accountants, HR and Startups to confidently implement an effective Marketing Made Simple strategy so that they attract, build and convert ideal customers to grow their business; without having to spend frustrating hours, they don’t have to learn how, or paying precious money to get it done for them.

Unlike other marketing training, clients are not left to figure it out alone or relinquish control to an agency because with us they get urged onwards, enabled up and over barriers, coached and mentored; and guided along on their journey to a successful business.

Suze’s Journey:

Background and Values:

Suzette (Suze) Bouwer draws inspiration from her late mother, an award-winning farmer. Resilience and integrity are the cornerstones of her character.

Suze’s determination led her to embrace challenges and learn valuable life lessons.

Marketing Evolution:

Suze’s career spans over 25 years in executive marketing roles across Southern Africa’s hospitality industry and 10 years of owning her own businesses.

She contributed to the success of hotels and lodges, including Cresta Hotels in Zimbabwe & Botswana, Stocks Hotels & resorts (Now Legacy Hotels) Marion on Nicol (Johannesburg), Massinga Beach Lodge (Mozambique), and Rani Resorts (Indigo Bay, Pemba Beach, Matemo Resort).

Despite a spinal injury, Suze adapted to the changing landscape, transitioning from telex machines to social media and smartphones.

Suze’s coaching platform ignites small businesses by bridging the gap between traditional and modern marketing by overcoming tech, marketing mindset challenges and strategy gaps.

Services include:

Marketing Made Simple Key components:

Suze’s approach revolves around simplicity and effectiveness.

Your Why: Discover your purpose and passion.

Craft a Unique Value Proposition: Stand out from the competition.

Know Your Audience: Define your ideal customer.

Compelling Offers: Communicate why customers should choose you.

Fix Your Marketing Strategy: Address missing components.

Legacy and Impact:

Suze’s coaching empowers small business owners to overcome tech fears, procrastination, and digital marketing challenges.

Her journey from pen-and-letter writing to modern marketing exemplifies adaptability and continuous learning.

Suze Bouwer’s voice resonates with authenticity, practicality, and a commitment to helping businesses thrive.

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