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Unlock Digital Marketing Without Losing Your Personal Touch

Unlock Digital Marketing Without Losing Your Personal Touch
If you are frustrated with low engagement on Facebook posts and the poor reach, you are probably trying to get Instagram to deliver better results. The Good News is, that INSTAGRAM is not only seeing a much higher engagement rate than other platforms, BUT ALSO it is such a fund platform to administer.

If you are frustrated with low engagement on Facebook posts and the poor reach, you are probably trying to get Instagram to deliver better results.

The Good News is, that INSTAGRAM is not only seeing a much higher engagement rate than other platforms, BUT ALSO it is such a fund platform to administer.

We want to help you with that with this short INSTAGRAM REFRESHER COURSE to invigorate your social media marketing to Attract & Build your Ideal Audience and of course, get more leads to GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

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This is what you will master:

MODULE 1:  Build a Healthy Instagram Profile to Enable Optimal Performance


  • Revitalise Your Instagram Settings

In this lesson, we will deal with the MOBILE DEVICE VIEW because Instagram is ideally a phone App, and you need to know how to do your SETTINGS and MANAGE your profile.

Treat this as a quarterly health check to ensure optimal performance.

We cover the important machinery behind the scenes


Switch to Professional Account to enable Metaverse magic.

BONUS How to add the IG App to your Android Video

1.2 Being Attentive Prevents Losing Leads

Saved Replies, shortcuts, and Messages on Facebook.

1.3 Protect your Instagram Profile & Stay Safe!

This is one Setting option you will want to BOOKMARK.

If you suspect you have been hacked, come direct to SECURITY, reset your password, and LOG OUT for a day.

Review your Privacy Settings, Your Current Followers and Follows. Discover People to Follow ties into Module 2.3. be intentional about connecting and growing your ideal audience

1.4 Sharing Across Accounts is SMART

This once-off Setting makes sense to link to Facebook to enable cross-platform posting, easy login, advertising, and much more.

1.5 Measurement Leads to Improvement

You cannot improve what you don’t measure.  Track performance and monitor the audience you are attracting.

1.6 First Impressions Count

Make sure everything they see when they first ‘meet’ you attract your ideal audience. From branding to name to description, grid and give them somewhere to go deeper with a CTA

1.7 Highlights Add Interest to Your Profile

Create Brand building Quick Links to Categories of your Instagram content that Show What you OFFER.

Get started today!

MODULE 2: Attract your Ideal Audience

You have chosen and recognised that Instagram can grow Your business; it can attract your ideal audience and help them get to know, like, and trust you.

instagram module 2 - branding, hashtags, mine followers content

Don’t just think about your social media platforms as a place to sell; it’s a place to take people from not knowing you to getting to know you and trusting you to take them onto another level of relationship with you.

This Module will show you ways to ATTRACT YOUR IDEAL AUDIENCE.

2.1. Attract customers with a Brand that looks Credible

A BRAND IDENTITY makes your Instagram business profile memorable and builds authority among your peers.

When your BRAND IDENTITY is established and consistent across platforms, it develops credibility and trust, thus attracting your ideal customers’ attention.

You will enjoy the example of profiles that have appealing grid layouts… enjoy!


Brand Style Guide    

2.2. The Power of Hashtags Revealed

Think of hashtags as keywords and a way to categorise posts into topics.

I will show you how you will use hashtags to find the right audience and help you understand this essential online marketing tool.

This lesson is packed with everything you need to know to release a hashtag strategy to Attract an Audience.


  • List of the recommended number of hashtags for the major social media platforms (Value R50)
  • Hashtag Starter Kit and Days of the Week (Value R200)

2.3. Mining Followers to Reveal Real Gems.

To reveal the Real Gems, I will show you my growth strategy to mine followers a few levels deeper than most marketers go.

  1. Prospect Your Newsfeed; Stories & Reels:
  2. New Accounts to Follow

Here you’ll see how the Hashtags explained in Module 2.2. are put to work!

From there, you create awareness and attract them into your sales funnel with the exciting profile you created in Module 1 and great content to be covered in Module 3.

  1. Niche Hashtags
  2. Competitors or Same Niche Providers

2.4. It’s Not a One Night Stand.

Consistent and frequent content is 100% essential to building, retaining, and growing your Instagram audience.

If you are not posting daily or around four times a week minimum, it’s possibly because you don’t know what to say.

Use this BONUS

Free Copy of our Current Monthly Content Plan to show you it can be easier and more effective.

Ready, Steady, Go! 

MODULE 3: Entice Followers using Content They Love

Post more top-performing organic content like

  • Stories
  • Reels
  • Contests
  • Carousels

In this Module, we are going to show you step by effortless steps “How to” get creative!

instagram module 3 content - stories, reels, contests, carousels3.1. Simply Tell Daily Short Stories

“Stories integrates beautifully with Instagram’s regular feed, adding a touch of playfulness and personality. It’s like a personal backstage invitation from a band you already love.”  – AGORAPULSE

Posting a story is a fantastic way to relax away from your carefully curated, on-brand feed and show off a different side of your personality. It’s freedom, whimsy and spontaneity wrapped into one neat package with all the tools you need at your fingertips.

3.2 Reels Really Rock

Spice up your Instagram strategy with Reels, Instagram’s response to TikTok which has exploded in popularity. Reels with popular music and Explore really reach and engage.

3.3. Contests Grow & Engage

Instagram accounts that host contests can see up to 70% faster follower growth than accounts that don’t. (Tailwind)

In this lesson, we share tips to get you started with running a successful, engaging Instagram contest to grow and engage your audience and collect content for sharing later.

We show you each aspect of a successful contest:

  • Why
  • Who   BONUS Ideal Customer Avatar definition worksheet will help you fine-tune your content and make the rest of where to go with what that much easier!
  • Where
  • When
  • What
  • How

3.4. Swipe Left Carousels are No. 1

Carousels have higher engagement than any other Instagram post type.

Varying your content types is a terrific way to make the Instagram algorithm work for you. You’re missing a powerful feature if you’re not sharing Instagram Carousels.

An Instagram carousel is a feed post with up to 10 photos or videos that can be viewed by swiping left.


Editable Canva Template to create a Carousel easily and quickly.

MODULE 4: Tips & Tricks to Retain & Convert Followers

Instagram module 4 best practices and content ideas4.1. Best Practices Make Perfect

These are Best Practices that any serious Instagram marketer should make a habit of.

  • First Impression Counts
  • Talk With, Not At
  • Serve Rather Than Sell
  • You And Your Customers Are on a Journey
  • Congruence And Focus
  • Pay It Forward
  • Use The Complete Toolbox

4.2. Get All Eyes on Your Content

Share content when your audience is on the platform and can give your posts the attention you deserve.

Learn how the Meta Business Suite Planner enables scheduling for the optimal time.

4.3 Manage from Your Desk Like a Director

Whilst Instagram is an engaging app-based social media network, we have demonstrated that it is a valuable lead generation and relationship-building marketing tactic. Instagram on desktop helps you manage the distribution of your content more efficiently.

A reminder about how you can work smarter this way!

4.4. Vary Visual Content to Win on Instagram

Change it up and keep things interesting.

  • LIVE
  • Single Image
  • Multiple Image
  • Video
  • IGTV
  • Animation

BONUS Content Marketing Training Video

4.5. Content Ideas to Ignite your Posts

Now you have all the “How-To’s” you need to invigorate your Instagram Marketing, so you’re not left wondering what to say …

Here’s a list to get your creative juices flowing.

JOIN NOW before the price goes up! 

It’s a no-brainer to get on board today but if you’re still on the fence check out these bonuses once again! 

BONUSES Exceed R 2000 in value

  1.  1. Get Started: How to add the IG App to your Android Video (R50)
  2. 1. Brand Style Guide (Value R100)
  3. 2. List of the recommended number of hashtags for the major social media platforms (Value R50)
  4. 3. Hashtag Starter Kit and Days of the Week (Value R200)
  5. 4. Current Content Calendar including Bonus Content and editable Canva Posts Templates (Value R500)
  6. 5. Ideal Customer Avatar definition worksheet (Value R350
  7. 6 Editable Canva Template to create a Carousel easily and quickly. Value (R100)
  8. 7. Content Marketing Video (Value R500)
  9. 8. KISS Community support and ongoing updates (Value: Priceless!) https://www.facebook.com/groups/KISSMembers


But if you SIGN UP NOW you get this as more added value!

10. Module 5: Instagram Shopping


Decide to Drive 2024, Instead of Being Driven

Embark on a journey to elevate your digital marketing game with a personal touch that sets you apart in the bustling online space.

Transitioning to digital marketing doesn’t mean abandoning the methods that have worked for you in the past.

 Instead, it’s about expanding your toolkit.

Unlock Digital Marketing Without Losing Your Personal Touch offers you a unique opportunity to Decide to Drive 2024, steering your business towards unprecedented success.

As you dive into our specially curated workshops, you’ll discover the power of intention, the magic of precise customer targeting, and the art of crafting content that resonates.

Get ready to transform your approach, connect with a community of like-minded go-getters, and master the strategies that will amplify your voice and propel your brand into the spotlight.

Let’s turn your digital marketing dreams into tangible triumphs together!

Part 1: Intentional Goal Setting to Embrace Digital Marketing in 2024

Intentional Digital Marketing Goal Setting

Welcome to the 1st   Foudnational Sep in a transformative journey that will redefine how you approach success.

LESSON 1 Duration: 5 min 10 sec. 

Get in the zone with Motivational Quotes  

LESSON 2 Duration: 7 min  

INTRODUCTION to why you need to get INTENTIONAL to set Digital Marketing Goals and succeed in 2024

LESSON 3 Duration: 9 min 

Get Intentional about Your Best Year Yet!

DOWNLOAD  Worksheet

LESSON 3 Duration:  11 min    

Digital Marketing Goal Setting Made Simple:  Learn How

DOWNLOAD SMART Goals Worksheet

Part 2: Niche Marketing Mastery

What’s Next on Your Journey to Embracing Digital Marketing?
Duration: 3 min 45 secs

who do you sell to? Niche focus

As you contemplate embracing digital marketing for 2024, consider the power of focusing on a niche.

We have demonstrated how the Marketing Goals you should have just set are inextricably linked to niche marketing and targeting ideal customer avatars or buyer personas.

Imagine a world where every marketing effort you make lands in the lap of the perfect client.

That’s the transformative power of identifying your ideal customer, a journey I’ve navigated with great success.

Yet, the leap from a broad-based to a niche-focused strategy can seem daunting.

How do you make this transition without losing the rich, personal touch that has been the bedrock of your real estate career?

This transformation means more than just staying afloat in a saturated market; it’s about thriving. It’s about reaching the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

And the result?

A business that operates with laser-focused efficiency and resonates deeply with each handshake—virtual or otherwise.

I’m here to guide you through this digital terrain, armed with experience and strategies that honour your traditional values.

Join me as we unlock the steps to identifying and captivating your buyer persona. Learn how these strategic shifts can create a ripple effect, leading to exponential growth over time.

Introducing the “Niche Avatar Focus” Short Series

I’ve created a **FREE quick hour-long short course** in 8 quick bite-size videos to help you understand how this is a game-changer for your marketing strategy.

**Note:** This FREE ACCESS is available for a limited time only!

This short series of videos is designed specifically for business owners and professionals like you, who have a wealth of experience and are ready to evolve.


  • **WHAT:** Avatars or Personas that help you talk directly to your ideal prospects.
  • **WHY:** The necessity of these personas for your business.
  • **HOW:** To research Demographics, Behaviours, and Psychographics that define what they want, where they want it, and when they want it!


online course identify your ideal customer avatar


Part 3: The Secret to Successful Content Marketing

Part 3 Unlocks AFTER you have Completed Part 2!


What is Content Marketing and Why do You Need it?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and engage a target audience.

The primary goal is to build a relationship with the audience, establish trust, and ultimately drive profitable customer action.

Content marketing involves creating various types of content, such as social media posts, articles, blogs, videos, infographics, and more, tailored to meet the needs and interests of the target audience.

By providing valuable information, business owner can position themselves as trusted experts in their industry and create brand awareness, ultimately driving customer loyalty and conversions.

The secret to content that captivates, and converts is on the horizon.

Stay tuned for the big reveal!

The Secret to Successful Content Marketing





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