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How To Attract Clients with Content Marketing

Learn How To Attract Clients with Great Content Marketing

In consultation with you, we compile your calendar, create content, post the content regularly and consistently as required to achieve your marketing objectives, plus supply a monthly performance report.

To be effective with Content Marketing, you must know:

  1. Who your Ideal Customer is and what they are looking for.
  • Where your audience hangs out, to go to where they are.
  • What your Brand voice, as well as the appropriate platform tone, are.
  • Have clear Marketing Goals & Objectives to guide and measure activity.
  • Analyse your Customer’s Buying Journey & Buyer Readiness to ensure your content is relevant.

2. How to measure and monitor engagement to improve effectiveness.

Post content to get their ATTENTION – INTEREST – DESIRE – ACTION

It’s all about customers getting to know, like and trust you enough to buy from you. Excellent and relevant content marketing is key to promoting your business in the crowded online space in the online environment.

All your content should tell your story consistently across all your platforms.

great content to attract ideal prospectsSocial Media Content Generation that Attracts Customers

Whichever way you choose to put it, your BIG CHALLENGES are:
  1. To get the Attention of Prospective Customers;
  2. To keep and retain their Interest so that they lean in to listen to your message;
  3. To build a Desire to invest trust, time, energy, money and loyalty in your business;
  4. To respond to your Call to Action to subscribe, sign up, attend, visit, or buy;
  5. To develop brand advocates who keep buying, referring and sharing your message.
Marketing Strategy

For social media marketing to be an effective tactic, integration with other marketing activities is recommended to get the best ROI.

Social Media

Social Media Integrated into your Marketing strategy is a powerful tool to achieve your goals.

Objectives are:

  1. Establishing a presence where your customers are.
  2. Creating engaging content on selected platforms to build your brand.
  3. Growing your audience.
  4. Converting prospects to customers.
All Content Marketing should ultimately take them to Buy.

A website is an Online Shopfront: You cannot build your business on rented property alone. You need to own real estate and treat it like your “Online Shopfront”, AKA your OWN website/blog, to showcase what you do.

Irresistible Offer(s)

To convert prospects to customers, you need to make an offer they cannot ignore.

Ideal Customer Avatar

Content Marketing means you put the Right Message, in front of the Right Customer, in the Right Place at the Right Time.

All good enough reasons to know your Ideal Customer better than anyone.

When you know what makes them tick, what they want more than anything and how you can satisfy that need better than any other business, your marketing message is the result of a winning formula!

Local Marketing

Brick and Mortar businesses must be as visible offline as online, including print, flyers, signage in addition to location marketing and search.

Conversion Funnel

When you want your audience to take a specific action, the road you lead them down must be free of any friction and may require sign up forms, competitions, free offers and purchase incentives. You also will get there quicker by using the right tools, with the right message in the right place.

Online Ads

Facebook Like Ads are recommended to continuously attract a new audience and top up your sales funnel; also Boosted offer posts to your audience to increase conversion rates.

Ignite  Great Content Marketing to Attract Ideal Clients

Facebook continues to reign in popularity over other social media with more monthly active users than WhatsApp (500 million), Twitter (284 million) and Instagram (600 million) combined (Source: CNBC).   Learn Facebook and the rest comes pretty easy.

For content to be Engaging, it must be SEEN and to be ‘seen’, Content Generators have to play according to Algorithm Rules.

An Algorithm or formula that decides if your content is worthy is based on:

  • What percentage of your total audience is actively following your Page – a big audience with no regular followers is no good
  • How Posts are performing – people need to Respond most of the time
  • How your Page performs over time – a static page for more than a couple of days may as well be dead.
  • Content varies from video to images, live, text, link, etc.
  • How Recent Activity is on your Page including posting, responding, answering messages etc. It is not accidental that Facebook has a “Very Responsive” badge for Pages. 
  • Social Media Marketing experts recommend posting around 4 to 5 times per day. At least once should be a minimum of severe marketers.

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How To Attract Clients with Content Marketing


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