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How to Write Marketing Messages that Convert

Writing Marketing Messages that Convert using the Levels of Awareness of your prospect is a game-changer.

Yet, guess what is one the most common mistakes I see small business owners make? Especially when they’re under pressure to get that mail shot out, share a social media post, send a SMS blast, or worse of all pay to Boost a Post?

Sending the SAME message to everyone. 

To get readers, listeners or watchers to pay attention to your marketing messages you must talk DIRECTLY TO them.

Unfortunately, it is not as straightforward as it sounds. 

It’s about what THEY are interested in first thereafter where and when they are listening. Your language should sound like what they speak and hear every day.  That’s how you join rather than interrupt conversations in a very natural way.

I’d like to show you what sparks and fuels a conversation and how both parties get to connect on a topic.

Consider your BFF …

Why do you like to spend time together?  I bet it’s because you discuss similar interests, you help, inform, inspire, entertain and make each other feel safe and good.  Making it a worthwhile way to spend your time.

A conversation may go like this:

You never ever heard of the Levels of Awareness but your buddy is well aware of it.     

Your Buddy effortlessly attracts nice, interesting people.

You often feel like a wall flower when you’re out together.

Your Buddy easily gets into conversations with new people.

You find yourself butting in trying to get a bit of the action but you may as well be invisible.

Your Buddy is engrossed, listening and responding, drawing people closer.

You ask your buddy how they get to exchanging contact numbers effortlessly.

Your Buddy tells you she learned a method called “The Levels of Awareness” that helps her tune into what people already know and then connect on topics of mutual interest.

You ask your Buddy to share the details of this winning strategy to meet and engage like-minded people.

Your Buddy writes you an explanatory Blog! READ ON

SOURCE:  Breakthrough Advertising: Eugene Schwarz 1966

To Write Marketing Messages that Convert, ‘Levels of Awareness’ Matter

Tuning into the same band width as your prospect helps you crush one of the most important marketing challenges you face, that of getting people to connect and engage with you so that you get them interested in your story.

THE WIN is when you serve the Right People in the Right Place at the Right Time, with the Right Message.  Consistently!

I am assuming you already know:

  • And, WHEN they will be tuning in (the Right Time).

Crafting Marketing Messages that Convert

The missing piece of the puzzle we are addressing here is the RIGHT MESSAGE.

Kicking off with the most important question to ask when selling to a prospect: “WHAT Do You Already Know?”

  • What does your prospect already know about his / her Problem?
  • How well known is the issue they are trying to ‘fix’?
  • What Solutions already exist and how does yours stack up?
  • Do they know about you and are you even on their consideration Radar?
  • Do you Appeal to them and does your Reputation build your case?
  • How much of an urgent pressing problem is it?

The answers to these questions will inform your messaging and help you escort prospects from awareness of their own Pain Point to General Solutions, to your Offer and, on to Buying.

The best way to to hit bull’s eye is to focus on your Ideal Customer’s Level of Awareness.

Looking for these characteristics and using my tips to handle the audience will help you escort your prospects down your sales funnel in a more connected and helpful way.

We’ll deal with each level starting with the lowest hanging fruit:


Marketing Messages that Convert Levels of Awareness: 1 Most Aware

This is most likely the least complex and the easiest audience to work with.

These people are credit card dropping!  Ready to Buy or are already buying YOUR product or service.

They are convinced and are ready with credit card in hand. You need to GET OUT OF THE WAY and let them have that IRRESISTIBLE OFFER!

At this stage of a customer’s buying journey you should be delivering and making them happy, keeping it simple and convenient.

Get out of your own way!

“Thank you for choosing to work with me.  Pay Now so we can get started, ignite your marketing and grow your business!”

View my BUY NOW example.


  • Test your processes by putting yourself in your customer’s shoes.  Use all the touch points you offer them e.g. check how your telephone is answered, how long email responders take, follow up customer service, processing online payment.
  • Connect and listen. Reward. 
  • Increase Loyalty by encouraging referrals, reviews and feedback. 
  • Encourage repeat sales or ‘Up-sells’.
  • Appoint Brand Advocates who sing your praises at every opportunity.
  • PRO TIP  3 0F 3 Stage problem/solution sequence:  Deliver the Ultimate Solution


Marketing Messages that Convert - Levels of Awareness: 2 Product Aware

This prospect is hot! 

He/she knows about your business and your offer but is not yet convinced that they should buy. You must push them over the edge and help them choose you.

Prove your offer is the Best and get them reaching for their credit card!

Lead with value by educating up front.

Address all possible objections before they can be raised.

At this stage, they have done the research so get into the detail.

Spell out the value of the Features of your product or service.

Use industry terms to rubber stamp your authority.

Help them choose you with Marketing Messages that Convert:

“I notice you downloaded my Content Plan and I’m interested to know how it is working for you.  If you have not already started posting regular, quality content on Facebook the reality is that your audience is not going to grow, and you will not attract new customers.  But hey, I understand how Life and Work gets in the way and with the best intentions, content marketing is not your top priority.  I’d like to help you with that.  Join my weekly online live content generation workshop to help you focus, create and share content that achieves your marketing objectives.  Only R750 per week.  Learn More.”


  • Share Case studies which carry MORE weight than reviews.
  • Give Guarantees to reduce risk.
  • Offer a free 7-day trial or a mini class that leads into and upgrade or your high-ticket sale.
  • Nurture trust by staying in touch and sending intermittent unique offers to your email list.
  • Sales Page to LEARN MORE, add credibility, explain the detail and show testimonials with a BUY NOW Call-to-Action to lead them to a bigger commitment.
  • Consider Influencer Marketing to reinforce your reputation. Ensure their following is your Ideal Audience.
  • Chatbots may be helpful to answer those icky question that delay conversion.

PRO TIP  2 0F 3 Stage problem/solution sequence:  Deliver real value while setting up a problem that your full ‘solution’ (i.e. product or service) will solve.


Marketing Messages that Convert - Levels of Awareness: 3 Solution Aware

These prospects know what results they want but don’t know how you can help.

They have a Buying intention but don’t know who they will buy from. 

They are Window Shopping and actively seeking information, researching and comparing options.

They are starting with a Buying intention.  Your job is not to sell but Tell and Educate.

They have a vision of “Life after this”.  Help them see the dream can be real.

Harp on about the Benefits they are looking for i.e. What they Get and not what you Give.

Make sure you know what competitive solutions are out there and, how you compare.  Have all the answers.

Identify your competitive edge and talk about your compelling offer without selling! Share examples of how your offer has helped and what the future can look like.  

You must anticipate all their questions and answer them with authority.

Your main objective is to lead them on to making a micro commitment, a sign that they know You and you have their interest.

They are likely to invest time or money in free or low-cost offers in return for sharing their email address.

When writing Marketing Messages that Convert, Lead with Value:  

“If you are a small business owner who is frustrated with all the hype about social media marketing and your own poor results, then I would like to buy you a cup of coffee and look at what you are doing now and why it is not working.  You have nothing to lose and perhaps a whole new understanding to gain.  Click here to make a FREE BREAKTHROUGH appointment!”


  • Study what your ideal customer values most.  This will change between segments!
  • Start talking into niche markets who want the same result.
  • Deliver value to your email list to nurture relationships.
  • Give prospects the opportunity to ‘test’ without risk using vouchers, trials etc.
  • Introduce a “Little Slice” Technique e.g. free (or low cost) high-value advice, samples, etc. that gets them thinking “if this is free, imagine the rest”
  • Create valuable free content like downloads, video to view, a free consultation, a trail that adds enormous value in exchange for their email address.
  • Create Opt in or Sign up forms to build your list.
  • You are leaving money on the table without email marketing !
  • Use surveys and polls to understand your audience needs’ and interests better.
  • Add appropriate Landing Pages on your website to send people to Learn More.
  • Install a Facebook Pixel to enable retargeting to those that popped into peek but may still be researching.
  • Encourage sharing of reviews on social media.
  • Implement an email sequence that leads them to wanting more.
  • Create relevant landing pages to show the benefits of your offer.
  • Create a list of FAQ’s and answer on social media and your website.
  • Promote offers with Facebook Ads.

PRO TIP  1 0F 3 Stage problem/solution sequence:  Give them a taste of how well you can solve a problem and a glimpse of what the end result or pleasure island looks like.


Marketing Messages that Convert - Levels of Awareness: 3. Problem Aware

The measure of the sales opportunity here depends on the uniqueness of your offer and how well you know what problem you solve.

These prospects sense a problem but don’t know of a solution, so you need to stand out.

They Search and are looking for advice from peers and influencers. 60% of online researchers trust peer advice more than reviews posted by companies. Search is generic focused on the problem more than the transformation because they don’t know what better looks like. 

Tell stories to show you have been there too but without geek-speak or industry terminology.

Reflect their pain point back to them using their inner dialogue which has them thinking you can read their mind.

Consistently post content and join conversations where your ideal prospects hang out i.e. preferred social media platforms and Interest Groups.

Join conversations to show you understand:  

“When I started my business, I just knew that my (product/service) is needed out there to help people live better lives.  The problem was getting the attention of people who were willing to PAY.  This is what I did ….”

Take a look at how I inspire, connect and share my entrepreneur life on my Facebook Page.


  • Optimise local marketing if it is applicable.
  • Encourage existing customers to rave about you and refer leads.
  • Get networking and meet people face to face. 
  • Get on the major social media platforms to plant a seed using consistent, quality and content to create awareness.
  • Regular LIVE video and stories to reach a new audience.
  • Post “How to” videos on YouTube, which show the solutions you provide
  • Look for long-tail search terms using Google suggestions.
  • Google Ads if you have the budget.
  • Create Blogs and posts using long tail keyword titles and headlines to optimise for Search.


Marketing Messages that Convert - Levels of Awareness: 5 Unaware

Although this is the biggest bucket of prospects, it is also the hardest to measure and the most expensive to market to. 

I do not recommend this as a good place for start-ups and small businesses to start.

This people don’t know they have a problem worth solving.  Hence, they are not actively looking for a solution or what you have to offer. 

You need to go to where they are, pop up in front of them and grab their attention. Sales-y, pushy and scare tactics do not work for these people. 

Word-of-Mouth, peer stories and unsolicited sharing are what gets you Awareness.

When writing Marketing Messages that Convert think of it as ‘Talking’ into a bucket of people to show you relate: 

“We know what it is like to consider dumping the dream of being an entrepreneur because the economy is just not helping us right now.”


  • Study your Ideal Customer to know what they are engaging with and where they hang out.
  • Unique Visual content is essential!
  • Use emotive Hashtags.
  • Leverage Local marketing and Google My Business.
  • Deploy social media stories and Live video.
  • Use Twitter and Pinterest where people scroll for ideas and content that gets their attention

Writing Messages that Convert – A SUMMARY

In conclusion, to create Marketing Messages that Convert, video scripts, copy writing, and campaigns should be well planned using a combination of appropriate language + what they already know + where they are on their buying journey.

AD and post headlines, intro paragraphs, snipped, stories, titles etc. all take on a new life when you differentiate your messaging and set people apart in this way.

Share some success stories and tips in the comments below to help put better, more delicious and timely content out there for people to consume.

Suze Bouwer is the founder and owner of RedMatchstick Marketing.  She SHOWS HOW to do better modern marketing in a way that is simple to understand and easy to implement.  Tapping into over 30 years of hospitality marketing experience throughout Southern Africa, she puts tried and tested tactics and strategies to work.  Suze shows how to cut through the too many options out there, to embrace  the necessary technologies and marketing opportunities out there that  enable personal and business growth and success. 

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