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without email makreting leaving money on the table

You’re Leaving Money on the Table without Email Marketing

You’ve got traffic. Great!

But, looks like your website needs to invest in Windex stock because you only have people pushing their nose against the glass and never buying.

The Fact is that you are leaving money on the table by not collecting your visitor’s email address and signing them up to an email campaign.

Your business has a revolving door, and it’s spinning at 100 km/h, 24/7 from all the traffic. Customers in and out with or without a sale. How do you make people stop and listen to why your offer is going to make their lives better?


How do you sort the buyers from the spyers, the need from the greed, and the ones who trust you from the ones that don’t?

… Email sale funnel.

I know, it doesn’t sound as cool as it did in my head.

The basic concept.

Step 0: You need traffic.
Step 1: Get your traffic to give you their email address with a lead magnet.
step 2: Send them targeted emails to get them to do something.

That is really the basic concept. It’s no more complicated than any other sales process.

Don’t just let them leave…

Your customer has found your website. They are busy, don’t see what they really want, aren’t sure about the price, and so on. They leave your website and that’s that…

You’ve done all that effort to get your website ranking well on Google, and you’re just going to let a potential sale walk out of the door?

Hell no! This is sales!

If you don’t chase a sale just a little bit then it’s not really a sale. Am I right?

The point of an email sales funnel is to capture that contact details of people who were already interested enough in your business that they clicked on your site.

It’s like having a clerk in your store. Once a customer has walked in and they are on the fence about your offer, your sales clerk says something like, “why don’t you give me your number, and I’ll get back to you with more info.” You get their contact info and an opportunity to close them at a later date.

Now, think to yourself, “what could I possibly do with the contact details of a person who just needs a nudge to buy?”

You’ve got a hot lead and the ball is in your court. This is what I call fishing in a barrel with a shotgun. You’re not going to get them all with the first shot, but one or two more should do the trick.

I’ll take a guess and assume that you have a very basic sign-up form. Maybe it’s even tucked away at the footer of your website. No one is going to sign-up for the newsletter unless you give them a reason.

You need a lead magnet. A lead magnet is basically a bribe to get someone to hand over their email address. Something that jumps out at the website visitor and makes them think, “you know what, I would love to sign up to your email list in exchange for that.”

Give them something of value, and you’ll have them hungry for your next email.

Tired of only sending a newsletter?

Imagine walking into a shop and the first thing the person behind the counter says to you is, “Hi, my name is Billy. This is what has happened in our business for the last month. Here are our blog posts, here is our Facebook page, and here are some of our promotions.”

…What? Are you talking to me Billy?

Billy is clearly detached from reality and needs help. But, this is what some businesses send out to their customers.

I take my hat off to the salesperson who can sell something to someone with a string of rounded up blog posts. It would be more impressive than turning water into wine.

To speak plainly – If your only sending out a newsletter, it’s really not going to help you.

Remember, your customer does not care about you and your business. They only care about what’s in it for them. Send them something that’s going to convince them that your product is going to make their lives better.

Why an email sales funnel?

One of the most important rules of sales is that you have to pitch your offer more than once. If your traffic only has one point of contact with your business – your website – you’re losing potential sales.

You need to create an email sales funnel, or update your current one, to capture leads and start that powerful one-on-one sales life cycle.

Email marketing, when done properly, will close sales for your business at a significantly higher rate than any of your other marketing channels. Yes, it will beat Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, and Twitter on sales.

OptinMonster has definitive data on what sort of marketing customers prefer, and what actually makes a sale or not.

In this article you can see for yourself that, “Email marketing is the best way to make sales online, period.”

I hope you found something useful in this article. Even if it’s just the motivation to start email marketing.


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without email makreting leaving money on the table



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