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Social Media Part II: Google+ and Instagram

Your Social Strategy this year must include a shift from

  • quantity to …quality content
  • quantity to …quality audience
  • just being there to …having clear goals and objectives
  • running out of time to …working smart

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Should you be on Google+ ?

Google’s alternative to Facebook deserves your attention if you are targeting a professional audience and most important for your site’s organic SEO on the world’s major search engine!
Google+ is still very much the new kid on the social networking block but it will be effective in getting you to Males who are heavy users of social networks; who work in technology; are college students; photographers and trainers.

Why be on Google+?

• 540 million active monthly users

• Average age is 28 years

• +1’s help URL ranking, beats FB share, link building and keyword usage

• 1,6 billion total users

• The figures are huge but significantly less than the 1,28 billion Facebook and 1 billion+ Twitter users; so you may be able to stand out more easily.

• 68% Google+ users are male professionals

• The majority are in technical and engineering fields

• 22% of online adults visit Google+ x1 per month

• Its affiliation with the world’s most well-known and used search engine in the world

• It increases SEO which is a crucial part of customer acquisition

• It’s appealing and useful, for professional people just looking for a casual social media network.

• Interaction for B2B training businesses is high and therefore highlights an opportunity to reach the meetings and conference industry

• Google+ can help you target niche communities

• Excellent for learning more about applicable target markets and for providing information to them about how you add value

• Ties into a Google network that contains Drive, Maps, and YouTube

• Compatibility with YouTube, the Google Hangouts function (video conferencing); also +1 Circles and Communities make segmented sharing easy; all of which make brand awareness and content marketing simpler

• One of G+’s best features is “Hangouts”, a free video chat and screen-sharing feature that you can use to conduct meetings with your remote teams; also to schedule and set reminders for events

• Email marketers will understand the benefit of linking up with your Gmail users and getting heightened exposure rather than falling fowl of poor delivery to Gmail addresses.

25 Tips to help you be Good with Google+

1. Update your Google+ Profile.

2. Post in a tone that is more formal and professional than Facebook.

3. Use 2 – 3 Hashtag’s per post.

4. Hashtags have major search value. So use your target markets’ search terms and trending #’s. (See what’s popular in your location – Google Trends is hugely interesting).

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Instagram is an image and video based platform ideal for the food, fashion, luxury, and lifestyle industries.

Instagram has changed from a “Maybe we should” to a “Must-have,” especially for retail brands and image-friendly businesses like restaurants, clothes and fashion, food, architecture, technology, designers, etc..

Why should you Instagram?

• Instagram in SA saw impressive growth from under 100 000 users in 2013 to 680 000 last year

• 57% of users access the site on a daily basis, only 6 points behind Facebook, and 11% ahead of third-place Twitter

• 5th most popular social media platform, it has the second-most devoted users

• 200 million active users

• 60 million images are posted per day

• An average of 1.6 billion Likes every single day

• 23% of Teens consider Instagram their favourite network

• It is big for the 18-29 age group

• Instagram increased 25% for Millennials, 31% for Gen X and 8% for Boomers during the last 6 months of 2014.

25 Inspiring Instagram Tips

1. Use images that best represent your brand.

2. Add personality to expand brand awareness.

3. Show a different side of the business with humorous, light-hearted & creative content.

4. Post once a day.

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Next time … our take on LinkedIn and Pinterest.

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  2. In Part I we’ve already talked about how a typical news feed of a social media user is a waterfall of information, and how algorithmic feeds, such as one of Facebook, make it even worse.

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