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Social Media Marketing

How to do Social Media Marketing stands at centre stage in your modern marketing production.  Sadly, most people think it is about the odd pretty picture on their favourite social media network.

“Social Networks represent the digital reflection of what humans do: we connect and share.”  

Jeremiah Owyang, Altmeter Group.

How to do social media marketing done rightNo. 1 consideration is THEM i.e. the user, browser, fan, follower whatever you want to call them.

Your primary task is to stay social, get to know what makes them tick, join communities, add value to conversations and get their trust.

Like on a first date, be a good listener! Learn where to go to pick them up, get their attention and help them LIKE, Know and Trust YOU.

 The Truth about Social Media

It’s no Fad!

It’s Indispensable.

It increases exposure.

It reaches 8 out of 10 people on the internet.

Customer Behaviour demands it!

Here is some food for thought:

  • In 2016 50% of businesses will rely on social media as their primary tool to reach new customers.
  • The better you know demographics, the better you can reach your audience.
  • To be truly ‘social’ you need to know what is trending plus topics specifically pertinent to your industry.

You must curate posts targeted to a specific demographic and their journey

You, like just about everyone, is on Facebook and a whole selection of the other social media networks available but getting results is not so easy, right?

There are many best practices that can help you improve your results.  Here are a few points to remember:

  • Each network is like a different room with different conversations between different people.
  • Social Media is for ‘socialising’ and not for hard-selling and promoting.
  • Visual content Media is replacing text.
  • Story-telling is alive and well.
  • Frequent, authentic content THEY value will win over carefully produced glitzy, confusing, less believable or boring content.

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One very important reason to embrace social media marketing is that it helps your Search Results!

Google only loves you when you give the No. 1 search engine good reasons to show your business.

This is why active and engaging special media platforms are important!


Social Media Marketing and Google

Our Social Media Marketing Focus is on providing the quickest way to create awareness and build desire to attract your ideal customer.

What We Do

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