Marketing Made Simple as A, B, C

List Building & Email Marketing for Real Estate Professionals

List Building & Email Marketing are the Ultimate MOST Cost Effective Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Real Estate Business

EMAIL MARKETING is the ONE form of digital marketing that outperforms all others! It is THE Most cost-effective and critical marketing tactic.

List Building and email marketing

Learn How List Building and Email Marketing Made Simple in this 3-part video series – in just TWO HOURS!



PART 1:  Jumpstart Your Digital Marketing Success with Email Marketing

In this training:

  • Why You Must get Onboard!
  • How Email Marketing Works
  • Benefits of Email Marketing
  • WHAT Best Practices & Email Marketing Tips
  • WHERE? Content Ideas

As a realtor, you must stay top-of-mind for potential leads, and you must grow your network by consistently marketing yourself.

REAL ESTATE MARKETING used to be about finding the best billboard location and making as many cold calls as possible.

And even if you are still using these methods, have you stopped to think what your prospect’s next step is?

It’s SEARCHProbably starting with Google and moving on to Social media before asking Friends, Colleagues and Family.

Next Question: Who will they find?

Have you claimed your stake online?

If not you should consider our entry level content marketing coaching.  See if this would work for you!

PART II: List Building – 7 Easy Ways

  1. Manual Add
  2. Email Contacts
  3. Share Email Buttons
  4. Email Signature
  5. Website Subscribe
  6. Social Media Subscribe
  7. Lead Magnets

Re-think your approach to client acquisition!

While many agents focus on prospects in the late stages of the buying cycle, we believe in a more comprehensive strategy.

Don’t limit yourself to qualified buyers/sellers – embrace the entire client journey.

Discover the power of nurturing contacts from the early stages of the buying cycle. 

Our top agents understand the significance of LIST BUILDING and email marketing to stay top-of-mind with prospects, fostering connections well before the need arises.

Embrace and Use These Practical Marketing Made Simple Tips to KICKTSTART your lead generation strategy.

Part III: How to WRITE Emailers That Actually Get Opened (and Read).

Approximately 347.3 billion emails are sent globally each day. (a 4.2% increase from 2022)

AND wait – here’s the scary statistic! It is predicted to increase to 376 billion emails per day in 2025. (a 12.8% increase).

These Lessons will help you STAND OUT AND GET READ when you send QUALITY Value -driven emails to your Subscribers! GO!

1. Optimise Deliverability

2. How to write Great Subject Lines

3. Layouts that Encourage Reading

4. Images – to be or not to be?

5. Call to Action – the essential next step!

Use our FREE Checklist to Review the Important Do’s & Don’t BEFORE YOU PRESS SEND!


Here are OPEN RATE Benchmarks by Industry (Source Tidio)

How does yours compare?


Need help to improve your Open Rate, followed by Click Through and Conversion Rates?

Let’s get you Started!



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