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Why all the buzz about Facebook Live?

If you are looking for a magic wand to ignite your Content, I’ve got just the thing for you …Facebook Live Video

Use Facebook Live to develop relationships with current & future customers.

Generating “Rich” media is your yellow brick road to social media marketing success.

And, your focus  must be Video, the No.1 way to fire up your own content.  Make it short and easy to enjoy and still leave your audience with lasting impressions and here is a way to do just that!

We have previously communicated with you about how to win with your video clips, so forgive us for harping on the subject but we simply had to get you on to this band wagon.

Facebook Live is yet another great way Facebook is helping Small Businesses compete more, with less.

Facebook Live is not only a great way to get your content noticed on this noisy social media network but Content Marketers are abuzz with the opportunity presented by Facebook algorithm changes that help these type of videos appear higher in News Feed.  A FREE opportunity that you cannot afford to miss!

In fact, Facebook is giving PREFERENCE to Facebook Live posts.  

Evidence shows that Facebook Live videos get up to 10 times more Comments than regular videos and that people spend 3x more time watching these types of videos.

Why is Facebook Live a good way to go right how?

  • Current fans and new followers can engage with you in Real Time.
  • You can Share experiences as they are happening.
  • You can see how many people are listening in plus a real-time stream of viewers’ comments and reactions float across the video so it is easy to monitor how the broadcast is performing.
  • You broadcast live videos from your mobile device straight to your Facebook News Feed.
  • It can be more Eye-catching.
  • You can connect an Emotional level.
  • You can increase your level of influence and credibility by sharing your expertise in this way.
  • It is easier for your content to be discovered with Facebook’s mobile app where Users can search current live and non-live videos from around the World.
  • Live video will also be at the top of the video search results in the Facebook app.
  • Facebook push notifications to close friends; previous Viewers and Subscribers.
  • Non-live video replays with comments as they happened during the live broadcast.
  • Facebook Live videos are saved on your Timeline like any other video and you have the ability to edit or delete as with any other post.
  • Depending on “settings”, you can broadcast live to Groups you belong to.

Facebook Live Pro Tips

A little planning will increase your chances of success:

  1. WHAT – how-to, demo, sneak peek, Q&A
  2. WHY – new customers, leads, publicity, email subscribers, page likes
  3. WHERE NEXT – landing page, website or other social network.
  • Let people know in advance that you will be going live, compelling title and time by posting on Facebook and other social media.
  • Use your Profile Privacy Settings to practice privately before broadcasting on your Page!
  • The longer you broadcast, the more people who are scrolling through their News Feeds will stumble upon your post.
  • Consider a regular time slot so people get used to tuning in same day and time, weekly.  Use Insights to ascertain when your audience are online.
  • Look into the camera as if you talking to your Ideal Customer Avatar.
  • Use your Elevator Pitch to Introduce yourself and your business.
  • Aim for likes, comments and shares because, the more engagement you get from viewers, the better your ranking you will get in other News Feeds.
  • Use the ‘Invite’ icon to select and invite friends while you are broadcasting.
  • Be natural, unscripted and show your ‘behind the scenes’  to share a tasting menu, demo of a new product, live Q&A or an event noting the maximum duration of a live broadcast is 4 hours
  • Wait at least two hours before or after you do another post.
  • Go live for at least 10 minutes. Although video of a few short minutes are great for a teaser, an announcement or a quick reveal.
  • Edit your Video description to ensure it is compelling and add a Call to Action to take your views on your desired Customer Journey and ultimately, conversion.
  • Consider an Ad budget  to boost the post for even more reach and engagement.

Use Facebook Live Video Insights to Tweak, Test & Perfect

If you’re going to take Facebook Live seriously then you will want to analyse performance using Insights:

Minutes viewed

Unique viewers

Video views

10-second views

Average % completion

Peak live viewers

People reached

Engagement – Reactions, Comments, Shares.

Dig deeper into each to see how it performed whilst Live.

Use this FREE TEMPLATE to plan, script and broadcast like a Pro!

Are you using Facebook Live successfully?  I’d love for you to share some links to some of your Facebook Live Videos to help the rest of us!

Suze Bouwer is a marketing coach and consultant who gets fired up by sharing tips, tools and expertise to show small business owners and managers how to do better marketing without investing a fortune and how to avoid frustration and wasting time.

They BIG result is the peace of mind that comes from better marketing practices which create brand awareness, great customer service, reputation enhancement plus sales leads that convert because People Buy from Businesses they Trust!

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