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Time Saving Tips to Help Time-Poor Business Owners

Powerful Time-Saving Tips for every hustling Time-Poor small business owner and entrepreneur stretch every day and lead a more balanced and enjoyable life. My research shows that the single biggest challenge business owners face is finding enough time to get through their daily ‘To-Do List”. Too often, we assume there always has to be a compromise, and something’s got to give. My BEST ADVICE is to take ownership of your Time instead of allowing Time to manage you. Stop REACTING and choose to pursue your dream by doing more of what you love. We all get the same 24 hours, but the problem is that we don’t protect it as we do with our other treasured possessions. We let people, situations, excuses, and devices swipe it from right under our noses. And just like that, you’re robbed again of something valuable that you can never retrieve.

Try these personal & professional Time-Saving Tips to get more focused & productive.


time saving tip - begin with whySTART WITH YOUR WHY

Getting clear about what you are doing this all for will be the best time-saving tip you learn today. When you know Why are you ‘hustling‘ you view your available time from a whole new perspective. I don’t mean working smarter or how you are wasting time; I mean the deeper motivation for wanting more. GRAB YOUR JOURNAL! (Do this, don’t just read. Start saving time by making time for what is important!) Start with YOU.
  • What do you want from your life NOW?
  • ‘Who’ you want to BE?
  • What do you need to feel good about yourself?
  • What do you need to do to grow and step up; Personally? And Professionally?
  • How do you want to show up for your:
Spouse? Family? Friends? Business/Team?


Aim For Quarterly ACHIEVABLE Goals. Set Your 90 Day Goal: Work back from there:
  • 60 Day Goal
  • 30 Day Goal
  • Weekly Goal
Next Prioritize Tasks: Download our Worksheet or scribble out your own spreadsheet. Don’t get perfectionist and waste time on this! What is ESSENTIAL to living an INVIGORATING Life? (Including routine tasks)

DAILY                    WEEKLY                MONTHLY

  • Personal
  • Professional
  • Spouse Time
  • Family/Friends Time
  • Team Time
  • Client Time

NEXT: Commit to nailing ESSENTIAL TASKS in your Diary!


Instead of Hours, think Dollars or Rands. KNOW YOUR WORTH AND SAVE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME If you look at the first hour of the day as, say, R650 instead of 9 to 10 a.m. on your calendar, it becomes easier to prioritise important tasks. What is one hour of your TIME worth?
Powerful Time Saving Tip!
Now when you are about to spend, think about how long you must work to earn it back. You may find you spend less.


Fewer decisions first thing help you Get up and Go!

Prepare for tomorrow:

  • Declutter your desk, dressing table, kitchen counters, everywhere; to train your brain to be organised.
  • Make a habit of putting everything back where it belongs.
  • Minimise TV Time and use it for reading, creativity, thinking and visioning instead.
  • Reward your success with leisurely pampering baths.
  • Plan your clothes the night before.
  • Write down just THREE things that MUST get done tomorrow. Tell your spouse & family which are NOT NEGOTIABLE.
  • Write down 5 things you are GRATEFUL for.

SAVE TIME FOR YOUMorning Routine:

  • Block off time for ‘You’ and provide the mental space you need to think.
  • Try any of these for just 15 minutes daily:  Affirmations, Meditation, Visualisation, Reading, Prayer, Journaling.
  • Daily Exercise for 30 mins supports Mind, Body & Soul:  Gym, Dancing, Jogging, Walking, Yoga.
  • Shower to save time.

Stretch Hours during your Day:

  • Avoid Rush-Hour traffic.
  • Use Waiting Time to edit, read, answer emails, catch up on social media management, make telephone calls.
  • Be a smart multi-tasker.
  • Listen to podcasts and audiobooks while driving or cooking dinner. Beware of wasting Time by not being PRESENT when you need to be, thus forcing you to err, repeat or relisten!


Block off time for them because this one is too easy to overlook. Switch off devices, face each other, be present, listen to understand. Take Turns. Walking, Dining and Sundowner time together, are ideal for this. Involve significant others in tasks you need help with and explain how they will help you.


This thief often steals your valuable Time unnoticed! Meal Plans save Time – no thinking, last-minute irritation, and informs your shopping list. One-pot meals make cleaning up quicker. Bulk cooking is a time saver. Freeze in practical portions for later. Write a logical shopping list that helps you navigate the shop and get it done faster. Shop online and create repeat orders for things like pet food and veggies. Schedule a weekly shopping or delivery trip to do all the pick-ups and drop-offs.


Never be the one who is too busy to share the Love! Have a regular weekly morning or evening slot to check in on WhatsApp and calls. Buy gifts when you’re inspired and save them for a birthday or other occasions. Use Facebook to send your personalised birthday greetings.


Powerful Time Saving Tip!     make time for your team and your businessNow that you have YOUR own life under YOUR control, you can hit the ground running and nail the THREE NON-NEGOTIABLE ESSENTIAL tasks you identified the night before.
Powerful Time Saving Tip!
Eat the Frog First! Don’t put off these tedious or challenging tasks you procrastinate on. ONLY once you nailed the THREE Non-negotiables you update your To-Do List for the day. Know your BODY CLOCK and work when you are most alert and effective. Don’t let anyone or anything cut into this optimal time. Group similar tasks together. Getting in the flow instead of stopping and starting is a great time-saver, e.g., social media content creation and scheduling, emails, or research. Keep appointments. Rescheduling wastes time. Create Checklists or procedures for regular tasks. These can help you delegate repetitive tasks once they are fine-tuned, tried, and tested. Delegate repetitive tasks to a Virtual Assistant. Be present and schedule a time to delegate, give instructions, and clarify expectations. Then stop hovering, let them get on with it. Schedule 25-minute FOCUS segments.
Pomodoro Technique: Break your workday into 25-minute sprints separated by five-minute breaks. Set a timer and work non-stop during the 25-minute period with no interruptions. The key is to focus on the task until the time expires and then take a break. – Inc.Africa
Turn off social media and email alerts during your Focus time. Use a spam call app like True Caller to sidestep time vampires. Take all other calls and deal with them on the fly to avoid returning calls. Be responsive and reply on the spot when you can, especially when you are on the go. Protect and value your Time by evaluating what favours and interruptions cost you. Check emails less and avoid inbox alerts that derail you.
Powerful Time Saving Tip!
Learn to SAY “NO”! A yes/no email message does not need “I’m in a meeting and will get back to you”.

Powerful Time Saving Tip!     negative waves waste timeNO NEGATIVE WAVES

Don’t allow negative vibes to sap your energy and dissolve your Time. Don’t let problems or issues fester and grow.
Powerful Time Saving Tip!
Take a moment to think through the possible outcome from your action, take a breath, tune into your intuition … What feels right? Deal with it.


You cannot improve anything that is not measured! Always take notes to make follow-ups easier instead of wasting time trying to remember the details of what was agreed. Always write up a Debrief Report after a campaign or event to make it easy to evaluate, rinse and repeat the next Time. Embrace Tech and automate regular tasks and customer service. Keep a TIME INVENTORY to track where you spend your time and convert it to a value with these time-saving tips. You will quickly learn where you are wasting time, what you should delegate, and which are your most profitable tasks. DOWNLOAD all these TIME-SAVING TIPS pdf and save time creating your own list!
Smarter Work affords us more time, but that Saved Time doesn’t mean anything unless we put it to OPTIMAL USE.
Get in touch to find better ways to do your marketing and attract sales leads to grow your business.


Suze Bouwer Marekting EnablerHence, Suzette genuinely and authentically WALKS THE TALK! Suze is a Marketing Enabler, and whether you want to Learn How to SAVE TIME or get it Done For You, this is a unique proposal based on thirty plus years in the trenches and the ‘classroom’. She offers an alternative, shorter, more straightforward, and enjoyable route that empowers and upskills clients while adding resources to grow business. Suze manages her own online business marketing platforms, keeping her at the forefront of updates and changing best practices. Suze is joint owner of these businesses: HOW TO WORK WITH SUZE!

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