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Five Stages of Travel

The 5 Stages Customer Journey

By applying your ‘passion’ when analyzing the performance of your business during each of the 5 stages of the customer journey, it will be easy to see how you can stand out above your competition and keep the attention of potential customers.

When I plan a trip, I take a lot of care with my research while I compile my short-list, with the goal of discovering fabulous little gems.

Unfortunately and all too often, I encounter unnecessary and frustrating disconnects. Like when a property with a great, alluring website doesn’t answer the phone or reply to my email. I don’t even want to think about the poor websites that shroud treasures I don’t even get to uncover.  “Why does it still happen in the modern digital era?” I ask.

The answer is that I believe “fabulous” in our industry comes down to a culture of ‘passion for hospitality’.  There is always one particular host that stands out and similarly but sadly there is all too often “an equal and opposite reaction”, an example of how easy it is to get it WRONG! … and I sincerely believe, despite all the marketing strategies, tricks and tips that I share with you, it don’t matter an iota if there is no PASSION.

Before I give you something to think about when looking for your fair share of attention during the 5 stages of travel, I’d like you to ponder on why you are “in” the hospitality industry?

I do it because I love to travel (especially classic car touring as my personal Blog will demonstrate, I love visiting beautiful places and eating great food, taking stunning photographs and gathering travel experiences that I can share later.

What floats your boat?

I would love for you to adopt this mantra and see how it impacts on your results!  “Today I make my passion a contagious condition”.

Wikipedia says “Hospitality is the relationship between the guest and the host, or the act or practice of being hospitable. This includes the reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers”

How do you reward your staff that go the extra mile thereby adding value to YOUR brand?

It’s important to take stock every now and again, because if your business doesn’t ooze hospitality you won’t deliver ‘wow’ experiences. Also, it needs to be at every level, through each stage of travel, every moment of truth, and all layers of your business.

Here’s a little worthwhile exercise for you …Spend a little time reviewing the current customer journey you offer and brain-storming how you can rev it up with a bit of passion.

Analysis of Performance during the 5 Stages of Travel - Template by Redmatchstick.com

If you are not sure how to revitalize and reinvent your delivery at any of the 5 Stages of Travel, share your challenges here and let’s see how we can collectively help.
We invite you to share what you do really well and also what improvements you plan to make.

Go on, please make your passion a contagious condition!



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  1. Suzette I read a lot of marketing mail, blogs and a plethora of mails I subscribe to after vising the websites. I would rate this blog as the best I have EVER read. What I love about it is that you hooked me in, engaged with me, showed me the practical aspects of the various steps. simply amazing. I love the mantra and the definition of hospitality. What your website is demonstrating is that you create original work based on your experience and you are going to be one amazing success story. This blog should be in Entrepreneur Magazine.
    Thank you for stimulating my creative juices. A huge applause.

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