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Janine Potgieter, Tourism Product Professional

Janine Potgieter is a highly regarded tourism product professional by practically every tourism hospitality establishment south of the Equator, serving some of the largest tour companies as Product Manager during a career spanning more than 30 years.

Janine happened upon tourism in 1989 by coincidence when she was offered a position as a consultant by a safari company. So started a passion for the tourism industry that grows more than 30 years later.

Having worked for some of the largest and most renowned inbound tour operators in Sub-Saharan Africa, Janine was equipped with fundamental business skills such as the art of organisation, negotiations, planning, training, and networking. It gave her an in-depth understanding of the global distribution channel and how it is ever-evolving, which is essential in the interaction and communication with product partners.

Working as a consultant during the early years, planning itineraries across Southern and East Africa provided general product knowledge, which later became an invaluable foundation for Janine’s career as she moved on to a product environment. During these early years, she was privileged to work for both services providers and destination management companies. These opportunities provided Janine with an invaluable understanding of the different functions these sectors played in the tourism industry and the importance of such partnerships to benefit a specific destination. This knowledge has been vital in the product environment as she endeavoured to create win-win situations throughout the distribution channel over the years.

Attention to detail and a methodical mind are key to success in any industry sector, which played a key role in Janine Potgieter’s success over the years.

Travelling extensively throughout the Southern and East African region over the years – interacting with the many diverse cultures whilst experiencing various products, types of environment and landscapes –enhanced Janine’s passion and affirmed her knowledge that Africa is a magical place with unique and hospitable people.

The Covid years have been an exceptionally challenging time for the tourism industry globally, only serving as a reminder of how resilient and courageous they are in the face of adversity, continuing to evolve and dream big as it navigates its way to recovery.

“I will continue to dedicate my working career to an industry that, through sustainable tourism, protects our environment for future generations. I believe that my vast knowledge and experience will contribute to this success story in the years to come.”

– Janine Potgieter

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