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What if Your Audience LOVED Every Post YOU CREATE?

Imagine Creating Engaging Content Like a Pro with No Budget, No Tech or Design Skills, in Minutes,


Unlock the Hidden Secrets of the #1 FAVOURITE Design Tool!

Learn How to EASILY Deploy CANVA Magic +++ add Suze’s MARKETING MADE SIMPLE SECRET SAUCE to Unleash the Creative Genius Inside You!

INVIGORATE All your Marketing Material

Meet your Marketing Coach, Suze Bouwer …


This is for Jack-of-All Trades START-UPS & BUSINESS OWNERS
who know SMART Content is King!

If you are serious about MARKETING YOUR BUSINESS, then you know that “Time is Money” and creating MARKETING MESSAGES that CONVERT in the shortest time, with the least frustration, is ESSENTIAL to GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

The Tedious Work has been DONE FOR YOU

The Learning Curve has been Shortened and Flattened.

You will HAVE FUN with THIS, and it WON’T feel like Work!

Have You Stopped Scrolling to Take Another LOOK and 

Then you will know what makes a GOOD POST stand out!

  • Combo of Design Elements
  • Use of Animation or Video
  • Perfectly Sized
  • Awesome Visuals
  • Artsy Patterns and Graphics 
  • Branding that tells stories

and where do those funky Fonts come from?

What is NOT Awesome Content …

AND It Really Does NOT Need to be This Way


  • Constantly sharing someone else’s content because you don’t have time or don’t know how to.
  • Changing a colour palette. that does not build your brand.
  • Too much text to read easily.
  • Fancy text that is illegible.
  • The same old style that becomes boring.
  • Posts that only get Crickets!
  • Using copyright material that you don’t own.
  • Sharing although you know that Inconsistency doesn’t build relationships.
  • Content designed by someone else that doesn’t convey your values and passion.
  • Paying someone when you could do it better and cheaper yourself!

What You’ll Get Inside …

You will get really, REALLY GOOD AT CREATING YOUR OWN DESIGNS without spending a fortune and wasting hours on learning.

  • Short, bite-size “How To” Show you how Videos.
  • A Note Sheet Designed to record the main points and save your A-Ha Ideas.
  • A Transcript of the Lesson with Time-Stamps to easily refer back t Lessons.
  • Bonuses to Help You get the Best Results.
  • Exercises designed to practice new skills and embed the learning.
  • Marketing Coaching throughout the Course and Beyond.
  • Completion Certificate

What You Get On The Inside …


BONUS TRAINING: Value Articulator Statement     


MODULE 1.1. Intro to Canva       


MODULE 1.2. Road Map to the Canva Treasure Trove   


MODULE 2.1. Social Media Content Made So-Simple

(Focus on Facebook)


MODULE 2.2. The “Other” Social Media Canva Templates   


MODULE 3 Tons of Templates for Everything    


MODULE 4.1. An Introduction to Canva Fonts   


MODULE 4.2. Fabulous Font Firelighters 


MODULE 5.1: Intro to Editing Images with Canva       


MODULE 5.2. How To Invigorate Images with Canva  


MODULE 6: Magic Marketing with Moving Messages

(Video & Animation)


MODULE 7: Be a Content Professional with a Plan       


MODULE 8: My Content Creation Enabling Tips & Tricks      



These GIFTS will Help & Support You with Tips and COACHING 
as You Become the
Master of your Marketing Messaging!!

  1. Value Articulator Statement Worksheet
  2. Canva Fonts Cheatsheet
  3. Psychology of Colour Cheatsheet
  4. The Ultimate List of Sites to Download Free Audio, Images, Video & Gifs
  5. A Current Redmatchstick Monthly Content Plan. 
  6. Top Contributors Draw for a Monthly COMPLIMENTARY 1-2-1 Zoom Coaching Session.

It’s Time to Decide to Upskill and Become a Content Creator of Note!

Still Not Convinced?


Canva Free version has everything you need but we show you whats inside Pro.

Templates & Designs

Canva offers up templates for every need PLUS we have added some DONE FOR YOU Designs.

Perfect Sizes for All Platforms

You can resize any design to fit your required dimensions with just one click!

Fabulous Fonts

Canva already offers more thanr 3,000 fonts to choose from. 

Brand Consistency

Stay on brand and manage your brand colors from your Canva Brand Kit

Video Editing

Bring your Designs to Life and increase engagement with the preferred content.

The Facts

You DO NOT need the PAID Pro version of Canva but you will see what is hidden in there so you can make an informed decision about upgrading.


We know that it is hard to STAY UPDATED on the latest social media tools, strategies, and trends. Hence, you get to stay ‘current’ with ongoing COACHING backed by 30+ years of marketing experience and 12 years of digital marketing know-how.


Social Media Today research shows that in 2020 54% of consumers prefer video over any other kind of content.  Canva makes VIDEO EDITING & CREATION SIMPLE.


If you think the templates and images may be limiting, our BONUS resources offer you additional ways to make sure your content is UNIQUE!


You can complete this entire course in JUST ONE DAY although we recommend one week so that you complete the exercises to practice your new design skills.

What Others Say …

Anne Meaker, Social Media Marketing & Content Creation

Lindy McBain, Bookkeeper & Home Staging

Heleen Cronje, Brain Profiling & Life Coach

Caroline Renzulli, Paws for Africa and Tishoo 3D Designer, AirBnB Host

Okay, You STILL Need Some Reassurance … here’s my NO RISK Guarantee

Bonus content

“I am personally committed to ENABLING You with a new skill that will positively impact your Business. So…

If you are unhappy with this course you should email suze@redmatchstick.com within one month of your purchase to request a FULL REFUND.

Suze Bouwer

P.S. We do NOT encourage compulsive course buyers who do not do the work.

That’s not good for you or us.

Therefore, require you to complete the course and all the KISS exercises to show you have done the work and received all our value before you can be sure this course was not worth it.

If the only thing holding you back from taking action and investing in yourself and your business is a fear of “will this work for me?” or “I can do this quicker by Googling and working through CANVA tutorials on my own”, then this NO RISK GUARANTEE reassures you that I have your back and want you to succeed.

Only R495.00 including BONUSES to the value of +R1500 (We added more Surprise ENABLING Bonuses already!)

About Suze Bouwer, Marketing Enabler

Suze Bouwer, Marketing Enabler, Implementation Coach, and Content Creator, helps Start-Ups, Online Shop Owners, Coaches, and Real Estate Agents establish online marketing platforms and implement her MARKETING MADE SIMPLE as A B C program to ATTRACT * BUILD* CONVERT an audience and GROW BUSINESS.

Services include Do-it-FOR-you or DO-it-WITH-You Social Media, Local, Email and Content Marketing.

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