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March Days of the Month

Take these March Days of the Month to add some fun, information, and variation to your posts this month. It’s more about ENTERTAINING, EDUCATING AND ENRICHING your prospects before you start SELLING. Help them get to KNOW – LIKE – TRUST YOU first with March Days of the Month.


March Themes

See if you can use any of this month’s themes to inspire campaigns:

Bed Month
 Brain Tumour Awareness Month
 Caffeine Awareness Month
 Celery Month
Craft Month
Credit Education Month
 Deep-Vein Thrombosis Awareness Month
Endometriosis Month
Haemophilia Awareness Month
 Ideas Month
 Kidney Month
Moustache March
 Multiple Sclerosis Month
 Nutrition Month
 Peanut Month
 Red Cross Month
 Rising Star Month
 Small Press Month
Social Work Month
Umbrella Month
 Women’s History Month

March Days help make your Business More Discoverable

The ‘names” of Days that are celebrated around the world, whether for fun, to remind us of noteworthy events in history or to serve as a day to focus on a cause. Irrespective of whichever it may be, these words are useful SEARCH TERMS if they are relevant to your industry and therefore ideal customers.

Ensure your label your images with Alt Text to add fuel for the search engines so they love stopping by to check out your content!

March Month #s

These are helpful to get your business DISCOVERED online. They are search terms that your target audience uses to find the content they are searching for whether it be for entertainment, to learn or to research your solution to their problem.

Always post with an Ideal Customer or Buyer Persona in mind.

Use diverse types of content – the written word, images, graphics, video, gifs, long-form content, or ephemeral content that disappears.

The timing of your posts about February days must take into consideration what your audience’s day looks like. Ask if they have time to give your content the necessary attention.

Days of the Month

Here is some FREE visual content you are welcome to swipe and use to save time and change up your style.

1st March

1 March #BaristaDay

Barista Day

Compliment Day

Day of The Seal

Fruit Compote Day

Fun Facts About Names Day

Horse Protection Day

Music Therapy Day

Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day

Pig Day

Plan a Solo Vacation Day

Refired, Not Retired Day Self Injury/Harm Awareness Day SIAD 2021

St David’s Day (Wales)Wedding Planning Day

2nd March

2 March #DrSeussDay

Dr Seuss Day

Old stuff Day

Rescue Cat Day

Teen Mental Wellness Day

3rd March

3 March World Wildlife day

Birth Defects Day

Caregiver Appreciation Day

Cold Cuts Day

Hearing Day

I Want You to be Happy Day

Irish Whiskey Day

Maths Day

Mulled Wine Day

National Anthem Day

Registered Dietician Day

World Wildlife Day

4th March

4 March Toy Soldier Day

Dance the Waltz Day

Grammar Day

Marching Band Day

Name Tag Day

Scrapbooking Industry Day

Snack Day

Toy Soldier Day

University Mental Health Day

World Book Day

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5th March

5 March Day of Unplugging

Absinthe Day

Cheese Doodle Day

Day of Unplugging

Dress in Blue Day

Employee Appreciation Day

Middle Name Pride Day

Multiple Personality Day

Salesperson Day

6th March

6 March Oreo Cookie Day

Dentist’s Day

Dress Day

Frozen Food Day

Oreo Cookie Day

White Chocolate Cheesecake Day

7th March

7 march Be Heard Day

Be Heard Day

Cereal Day

Crown Roast Pork Day

Discover What Your Name Means Day

8th March

8 March international women's day

Peanut Cluster Day

Proof Reading Day

International Women’s Day

9th March

9 March Organize your Home Office Day

Barbie Day

Crabmeat Day

False Teeth Day

Get Over It Day

Meatball Day

Organize Your Home Office Day

Panic Day

Unique Names Day

10th March

10 March No Smoking Day

Bagpipe Day

Day of Awesome

No Smoking Day

Salvation Army Day

Skirt Day

Wig Day

11th March

11 March Dream Day

Dream Day

Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day

Kidney Day

Plumbing Day

School Meals Day

Worship of Tools Day

12th March

12 March Plant a Flower Day

Alfred Hitchcock Day

Girl Scout Day

Plant A Flower Day

13th March

13 March Jewel Day

Donald Duck Day

Earmuffs Day

Genealogy Day

Good Samaritan Day

Jewel Day

K9 Veterans Day

Ken (Barbie) Day

Smart & Sexy Day

14th March

14 March Write Down your Story Day

Ask A Question Day

Crowdfunding Day

Dry Shampoo Day

Genius Day

Learn About Butterflies Day

Legal Assistance Day

Moth-er Day

Pi Day

Potato Chip Day

Science Education Day

White Day

Write Down Your Story Day

15th March

15 March Speech Day Suze Bouwer RedMatchstick

Brutus Day

Buzzards Day

Consumer Rights Day

Napping Day

Speech Day

True Confession Day

16th March

Keep It Simple Suze Marketing Support Group on Facebook

Artichoke Hearts Day

Freedom of Information Day

Lips Appreciation Day

No Selfies Day

Panda Day


17th March

17 March St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day

Brake Zebra’s Beep Beep Day 2021

Irish Food Day

Submarine Day


18 March Let's Laugh Day

Awkward Moments Day

Biodiesel Day

Companies that Care Day

Forgive Mom & Dad Day

Goddess of Fertility Day

Global Recycling Day

Let’s Laugh Day


19 March Saying thank you on Clients day

Chocolate Caramel Day

Certified Nurses Day

Client’s Day

Poultry Day

Read to Me Day

World Sleep Day


20 March Macaron Day

Day of Happiness

French Language Day

Frog Day

Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Kiss Your Fiancé Day

Macaron Day

Oral Health Day

Proposal Day

Quilting Day

Ravioli Day

Sparrow Day

Storytelling Day


21 March Fragrance Day

Common Courtesy Day

Credit Card Reduction Day

Crunchy Taco Day

Day of Forests

Down Syndrome Day

Elimination of Racial Discrimination Day

Fragrance Day

French Bread Day

Harmony Day

Healthy Fats Day

Memory Day

Twitter Anniversary (2006)

Poetry Day

Puppetry Day

SA Human Rights Day

Single Parent’s Day

Vermouth Day


22 March Daffodils Day

As Young as You Feel Day

Daffodil Day

Goof Off Day

Gryffindor Pride Day

Sing Out Day

Water Day


23 March Cuddly Kitten Day

Agriculture Day

Atheist Day

Chip n Dip Day

Cuddly Kitten Day

Melba Toast Day

Meteorological Day

Near Miss Day

Puppy Day


24 March Day for Achievers

Chocolate Covered Raisins Day

Cocktail Day

Day for Achievers

Flatmate’s Day

Tuberculosis Day


25 March Waffle Day

Pecan Day

Tolkien Reading Day

Waffle Day


26 March Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Good Hair Day

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Live Long and Prosper Day

Nougat Day

Purple Day

Spinach Day

Wear A Hat Day


27 March Scribble Day

EARTH HOUR – Last Saturday 8:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day

Scribble Day

Spanish Paella Day

Theatre Day

Whisk(e)y Day


28th March Weed Appreciation Day

Black Forest Cake Day

Children’s Picture Book Day

Palm Sunday

Something on a Stick Day

Weed Appreciation Day


29th March Smoke & Mirrors Day

Lemon Chiffon Cake Day

Pay it Forward Day!

Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

Piano Day

Smoke & Mirrors Day

Vietnam War Veterans Day


30th March Take A Walk in The Park Day

Bipolar Day

Doctors Day

Pencil Day

Take A Walk in The Park Day

Virtual Vacation Day


31st March Crayola Crayon Day

Backup Day

Crayola Crayon Day

Eiffel Towe Day

Manatee Appreciation Day (Last Wed)


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