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Every Day Calendar Inspo for JANUARY

JANUARY Daily Content Marketing inspo has been created from our library diligently collected over many years using numerous sources including website like Days of the Year, US National Days Calendar, plus nearer to home Net Florist, Regional and South African National Holidays.

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There are many ideas for each day of each month.  Some may seem too silly to use but thinking out of the box may have you creating content that is both different and entertaining while still being RELEVANT to your industry or your audience. 

Think about Days of the Month as a way to create content which is Funny, Wow – didn’t know that”, this is worth sharing with friends, a great idea for business promotion, simply inspiring, a cause to be associated with or just a hashtag that is going to increase discoverability.

This JANUARY Daily Content Marketing inspiration is a resource to help you create a post or write a blog when you are stuck for ideas or to avoid too much selling. The rule of thumb is 20% promotional and 80% educational, enriching or entertaining

Remember social media is about BEING SOCIAL! Get creative and build a brand with a personality that connects with your audience. 

How to Entertain and Engage with our JANUARY Daily Content Marketing Inspo

  1. Think about business and industry first and ask: Does this “Day” make sense and how can it be leveraged to communicate a marketing message that adds value in your audience’s newsfeed?
  2. If not, think about your Ideal Customer Interests, Hobbies and Influencers.  These are a powerful way to get Attention and Engage with your audience.
  3. If a content idea does not spring to mind that relates to your business or is of interest to your Ideal Customer niche audiences then the next step is to Google it and see if you can embellish from there.

Daily Content Marketing Hashtags enable your Discoverability

Not all Days of the Year or National Days will be relevant to your business or audience but do not underestimate the value of a Day of the Year Hashtag to increase the DISCOVERABILITY of your content.

Try to use one of these every day as inspiration to build your message and to increase the quality and quantity of posts you distribute daily.

“Great content is the best sales tool in the world.”

Marcus Sheridan

Great Content Marketing is about messages that invoke positive responses you want to be associated with your brand. 

Use different formats to deliver your message including quotes, images, to graphics, animations, gifs, slide shows, video and even Live chats.

Mix these up with the rest of your content to Attract, Engage, Nurture and Convert your online audience.

JANUARY Daily Content Marketing Calendar


Soup Month / Creativity Month / Get Organised Month / Celebration of Life Month / Clean up Your Computer Month / Get Organized Month / Celebration of Life Month / Creativity Month Brainteaser Month / Down Syndrome Awareness Month / Mentoring Month / Hobby Month / Braille Literacy Month / Get A Balanced Life Month / Hot Tea Month

The images posted below are examples of inspo we have interpreted visually for days of the year.

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1 January Daydreamers’ Day
1st January

New Year’s Day
Ring a Bell Day
Bloody Mary Day
Daydreamers’ Day
Global Family Day
Commitment Day
Copyright Law Day
Euro Day
Z Day

2nd January Motivation & Inspiration Day
2nd January

Motivation & Inspiration Day

Happy Mew Year Day (Cats)

Introvert Day

Science Fiction Day

Personal Trainer Awareness Day

Buffet Day

3 January J R R Tolkien Day
3rd January

Festival of Sleep Day

Humiliation Day

J R R Tolkien Day

Drinking Straw Day

4 January Pop Music Chart Day
4th January

Trivia Day

Pop Music Chart Day

World Braille Day

Hypnotism Day

Spaghetti Day

 Weigh-In Day (1st Monday)    
5 January Whipped Cream Day
5th January

Keto Day

Screenwriters’ Day

Whipped Cream Day

Bird Day

6 January Sherlock Holmes' Birthday
6th January

Sherlock Holmes’ Birthday

Three Kings Day (12 days after Xmas)

Cuddle Up Day

Technology Day

Bean Day

Shortbread Day

Apple Tree Day

7th January Old Rock Day
7th January

Tempura Day

I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore Day

Old Rock Day

8th January Bubble Bath Day
8th January

Bubble Bath Day

World Literacy Day

Show & Tell at Work Day

Joy Germ Day

Earth’s Rotation Day

Argyle Day

9 January Balloon Ascension Day
9th January

Balloon Ascension Day

World Nerd Day

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Apricot Day

   Vision Board Day (2nd   Saturday)    
10 January Cut Your Energy Costs Day
10th January

Cut Your Energy Costs Day  

Peculiar People Day 

 Bittersweet Chocolate  Day  

Cut Your Energy Costs Day  

Houseplant Appreciation Day    

Laughter Day  

Save The Eagles Day   

Oysters Rockefeller Day  

World  Hindi Day 

11th January Step in a Puddle & Splash your   Friends Day
11th January

Thank You Day

Heritage Treasures Day

Sketchnote Day

Milk Day

Step in a Puddle & Splash your Friends Day

Hot Toddy Day

Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Parity at Work Day

 Clean off your Desk Day (2nd   Monday)    
12 January Kiss a Ginger Day
12th January

Kiss A Ginger Day

Pharmacist Day

Poetry at Work Day

  Shop for Travel Day (2nd   Tuesday)    
13 January Rubber Duckie Day
13th January

Rubber Ducky Day

Make your Dream Come True Day

Sceptics Day

Sticker Day

Public Radio Broadcasting Day

Take the Stairs Day (2nd Wednesday)

14 January Kite Day
14th January

Dress up your Pet Day

Kite Day

Organise your Home Day H

ot Pastrami Sandwich Day

 15 January Hat Day
15th January

Hat Day

Bagel Day

Strawberry Ice Cream Day

Pothole Day

Wikipedia Day

16 January Appreciate a Dragon Day
16th January

Appreciate a Dragon Day

Religious Freedom Day

Hot & Spicy Food Day

Nothing Day

17 January Cable Car Day
17th January

Cable Car Day

Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day

Kid Inventors’ Day

Religion Day

18 January Winnie the Pooh Day
18th January

Thesaurus Day

Winnie the Pooh Day

 Martin Luther King Jr. Day (3rd   Monday)    
19 January Flower Therapy Oracle Cards- Doreen Virtue
19th January

Popcorn Day

Tin Can Day

Flower Day

20 January Penguin Awareness Day
20th January

Penguin Awareness Day

Day of Acceptance

Disc Jockey Day

Cheese Overs Day

Museum Selfie Day

21 January Hugging Day
21st January

Hugging Day

Playdate Day

Sweatpants Day

Women’s Healthy Weight Day

Granola Bar Day

Squirrel Appreciation Day

 Get   to Know Your Customers Day     (3rd Thursday each Quarter)   
22 Jan #CelebrationofLifeDay
22nd January

Hot Sauce Day

Celebration of Life Day

Polka Dot Day

23 Jan Handwriting Day
23rd January

Pie Day

Women’s Healthy Weight Day

Measure Your Feet Day

Handwriting Day

24 January Peanut Butter Day meme
24th January

Belly Laugh Day

Compliment Day

Beer Can Appreciation Day

Peanut Butter Day

25th January

Burns Night

Irish Coffee Day

Opposite Day

  Blue Monday (Last Monday)    
26 January Thank You Note Day
26th January

Spouse Day

Australia Day

Green Juice Day

Thank You Note Day

 Plan for Vacation Day (Last Tuesday)    
27 January Chocolate Cake Day
27th January

Chocolate Cake Day

National Geographic Day

 Library Shelfie Day (4th   Wednesday)     
28 January Lego Day
28th January

Data Privacy Day

Global Community Engagement Day

Lego Day

29 Jan Missing piece of the puzzle
29th January

Freethinkers Day

Puzzle Day

Corn Chip Day

 Big Wig Day (Last Friday) 
30 January Croissant Day
30th January

Croissant Day

Inane Answering Message Day

 Seed Swap Day (last Saturday)    
31 jan Inspire Your Heart with Art
31st January

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

Street Children’s Day

Fun at Work Day


Ignite JANUARY Everyday Content Marketing Inspo – LEARN MORE about our strategic monthly content calendar:

Suze Bouwer is a Marketing Invigorator and helps small business owners create marketing content that attracts, builds and converts suspect to prospects to customers! This everyday Calendar Inspo for Content Marketing is offered to help creators up their game to stand out and shine their light in the crazy noisy online world.

While we do our best to keep this content updated and accurate, things change. You are invited to comment with any additions you have for us to add or any corrections you recommend.



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