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Unlock Digital Marketing Without Losing Your Personal Touch

Unlock Digital Marketing Without Losing Your Personal Touch

I’m just me and I can’t help being honest, authentic and real about Marketing Failures and saying it like it is when it comes to where I’ve been and how I got to where I am.

The tears of frustration, bumps and bruises and price of working with less than engaged mentors who did not live up to their promises, are very real and motivate the way I work.

The proliferation of online marketing advice and training about upsells, down sells, cross sells, and at the end of the day finding there are so many missing pieces that need 3rd party add-ons drives me nuts.  Yet I constantly show how to avoid Marketing Failures and do social media well and that attentive engagement is the way for small business to grow.

Heck, I even called an early mentor “Mr Google” when he shared yet another Link for me to go to before I could overcome a barrier.  Infuriating, but like every challenge there is a lesson to be learnt and while we are all on the same path and I may be a little further ahead, I know how the frustrations can be avoided and that’s what I now do.  I show how to do what matters most in the early stages to get small business owners moving forward!

BTW … the reason I call myself a Coach to help with solutions to avoid Marketing Failures despite that ‘profession’ getting a bad rap as a result of the many dodgy service providers out there that have never done what they teach is because I am deliberate about teaching what I have learnt, most of it the hard way.  Ask me for any example, and I can most likely share a screenshot of work applied.

For clarification, Business Coaches PROVIDE SUPPORT AND ADVICE to an individual or group in order to help them recognize ways in which they can improve the effectiveness of their business.  so it figurest that my knowledge, continuous learning, passion and genuine interest is aimed to bring positive transformation and empower clients to feel confident about modern marketing, and understanding the value of the solutions they provide . It is the happy juice that gets me up every morning!

My mission is to help clients deliver a message that their competitors do not have, and which leapfrogs them over the rest in a crowded marketplace.

Once small business owners and managers grasp the importance of cutting through the hype and stamping their digital footprint by being authentic and delivering value that they truly believe in and, showing a meaningful transformation in their niche, there is no way they cannot grow their business.

The most common reasons for Small Businesses Marketing Failures or making slow progress are:

Poor Goal Setting.

Have a clear vision of the end picture and commit to the Steps that will get them there.  Perfection is a killer for small business.  There is no way you can do it all.  Do what matters most, set baby steps if necessary, but some progress is the best motivator.

That is why your 9-week marketing starter program is built, one brick at a time, to get all the basics in place to set a firm, sound foundation from where to launch any campaign or sales funnel.

Success Tip #1:  Set clear goals and start at the beginning.  Don’t get waylaid as you tick the boxes.

Delusions of Grandeur.

Oops, this one may have hit a sore point.  Just because you are an expert in your field you do not necessarily know everything about running your business.  Every modern marketer must Learn. Unlearn. Relearn daily to keep up.

Success Tip #2:  Learn something new every day.

Lack of Confidence and Belief.

Lean in to listen to the joy, satisfaction and transformation they bring is the way to believe in Purpose.  When a business delivers from a place of authentic passion about what they do, the result is growth.

Success Tip #3:  Believe You and what you Do have huge Value.

Expect Payback.

It is when people get involved and help others experience positive results, that businesses get attention.  Giving them a taster of what you do is the way to build a remarkable reputation.

Success Tip #4:  Generosity gets you Noticed.

Lack Clarity about Who they Serve.

Knowing your Ideal Customer better than anyone else is the only way to serve them What they want, Where they want, When they want and How they want it.  Facebook Ads and other modern marketing tool helps you put your offer right in front of your ideal customer when they are ready to buy.

Success Tip #5:  Be obsessive about studying your Ideal Customer.

Absence of Benchmarks.

Modern marketing is designed to give early clues to those who make the effort to watch.  Every little hiccup is a Timely Tip.  For example, to set an Engagement Benchmark, a business will want to look at number of followers, past engagement rates and competitors’ engagement.

Success Tip #6:  Watch, Test & Tweak continuously.

Poor Content Marketing.

Go to where your customers are with content that is interesting to them. Facebook is different to Instagram, is different to LinkedIn, Email Marketing and what they find on your website.  Listen, Learn and Serve.   A basic understanding of content marketing is necessary to see success unless you’re just insanely lucky.

Success Tip #7:  Don’t expect results with a Cookie Cutter version.

Too Salesy.

Social Media has changed the way people do business.  Like any social relationship, work on getting to know and trust each other.  Being Social means engaging back, having conversations, being fun and entertaining.  Don’t be that guy who is handing out business cards with a quick buck plan at the party.   People do their own research and comparisons before they decide where to buy.

Success Tip #8:  People Buy from Businesses they Like & Trust.

Cynical about Social Media.

Why would businesses with limited resources be cynical about reaching the biggest community in the world with small budgets, consistent effort and sound practices?  Okay.  So, with over 2 billion Daily Active Users and a whole lot of noise that content marketers have to break through; there is no such thing as a free lunch; and you cannot expect to market your business Free forever on someone else’s owned platform.

Success Tip # 9 Treat Facebook like any other business partner.

If any of the above got your attention and you want more, have a look at our Marketing Starter Program starting on 16 August.  We will revive your online marketing for less than R350 per week!

Any other reasons you see Small Business fail?  I’d love to hear about them!

Decide to Drive 2024, Instead of Being Driven

Embark on a journey to elevate your digital marketing game with a personal touch that sets you apart in the bustling online space.

Transitioning to digital marketing doesn’t mean abandoning the methods that have worked for you in the past.

 Instead, it’s about expanding your toolkit.

Unlock Digital Marketing Without Losing Your Personal Touch offers you a unique opportunity to Decide to Drive 2024, steering your business towards unprecedented success.

As you dive into our specially curated workshops, you’ll discover the power of intention, the magic of precise customer targeting, and the art of crafting content that resonates.

Get ready to transform your approach, connect with a community of like-minded go-getters, and master the strategies that will amplify your voice and propel your brand into the spotlight.

Let’s turn your digital marketing dreams into tangible triumphs together!

Part 1: Intentional Goal Setting to Embrace Digital Marketing in 2024

Intentional Digital Marketing Goal Setting

Welcome to the 1st   Foudnational Sep in a transformative journey that will redefine how you approach success.

LESSON 1 Duration: 5 min 10 sec. 

Get in the zone with Motivational Quotes  

LESSON 2 Duration: 7 min  

INTRODUCTION to why you need to get INTENTIONAL to set Digital Marketing Goals and succeed in 2024

LESSON 3 Duration: 9 min 

Get Intentional about Your Best Year Yet!

DOWNLOAD  Worksheet

LESSON 3 Duration:  11 min    

Digital Marketing Goal Setting Made Simple:  Learn How

DOWNLOAD SMART Goals Worksheet

Part 2: Niche Marketing Mastery

What’s Next on Your Journey to Embracing Digital Marketing?
Duration: 3 min 45 secs

who do you sell to? Niche focus

As you contemplate embracing digital marketing for 2024, consider the power of focusing on a niche.

We have demonstrated how the Marketing Goals you should have just set are inextricably linked to niche marketing and targeting ideal customer avatars or buyer personas.

Imagine a world where every marketing effort you make lands in the lap of the perfect client.

That’s the transformative power of identifying your ideal customer, a journey I’ve navigated with great success.

Yet, the leap from a broad-based to a niche-focused strategy can seem daunting.

How do you make this transition without losing the rich, personal touch that has been the bedrock of your real estate career?

This transformation means more than just staying afloat in a saturated market; it’s about thriving. It’s about reaching the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

And the result?

A business that operates with laser-focused efficiency and resonates deeply with each handshake—virtual or otherwise.

I’m here to guide you through this digital terrain, armed with experience and strategies that honour your traditional values.

Join me as we unlock the steps to identifying and captivating your buyer persona. Learn how these strategic shifts can create a ripple effect, leading to exponential growth over time.

Introducing the “Niche Avatar Focus” Short Series

I’ve created a **FREE quick hour-long short course** in 8 quick bite-size videos to help you understand how this is a game-changer for your marketing strategy.

**Note:** This FREE ACCESS is available for a limited time only!

This short series of videos is designed specifically for business owners and professionals like you, who have a wealth of experience and are ready to evolve.


  • **WHAT:** Avatars or Personas that help you talk directly to your ideal prospects.
  • **WHY:** The necessity of these personas for your business.
  • **HOW:** To research Demographics, Behaviours, and Psychographics that define what they want, where they want it, and when they want it!


online course identify your ideal customer avatar


Part 3: The Secret to Successful Content Marketing

Part 3 Unlocks AFTER you have Completed Part 2!


What is Content Marketing and Why do You Need it?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and engage a target audience.

The primary goal is to build a relationship with the audience, establish trust, and ultimately drive profitable customer action.

Content marketing involves creating various types of content, such as social media posts, articles, blogs, videos, infographics, and more, tailored to meet the needs and interests of the target audience.

By providing valuable information, business owner can position themselves as trusted experts in their industry and create brand awareness, ultimately driving customer loyalty and conversions.

The secret to content that captivates, and converts is on the horizon.

Stay tuned for the big reveal!

The Secret to Successful Content Marketing





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