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How to Create a BUZZ around your PRODUCT LAUNCH

Here is a fantastic strategy I learned this week from the really unbeatable launch of #Mayochup.

Whether you are launching a new product, service, package – whatever – this could be just the recipe to follow and I have extracted the Steps so you can get stuck in without delay!

The 6 Product Launch Steps:

  1. Design a couple of SIMPLE stunning colourful, engaging IMAGES for your campaign
  2. Identify a catchy HASHTAG for your campaign and use it all posts and on images
  3. Create a POLL on Twitter or Facebook (depending where your biggest following is) asking for a simple YES / NO to your “Idea” and state that you will go ahead with your Launch if you get ‘x’ number of Yes’s.
  4. Share the results of the Poll and whether its a Go or a No.
  5. Run a CONTEST on your preferred platform to choose the name or a caption or a tagline.
  6. Follow up with an announcement about where, when and how they can get it (as applicable).

Why is this such an effective, yet simple approach to a Product Launch?

The campaign was designed to encourage user involvement from the beginning.

  • Consumers like to feel like key decision makers in the rollout.
  • The option to voice opinions inspires Supporters to fight for the idea and Detractors to feel as though they can influence it.
  • The Image and Message were easy to remember and shareable.
  • Negative people still watched the story unfold and can be used to spread they news since they are often more vocal than supporters.
  • It humanizes the brand and creates a more authentic experience for people engaging in the interaction.

You can check out the details here

Please remember to drop me a line when you have used this strategy and let me know how well you did!

Suze Bouwer, is the owner and creator of Redmatchstick.com who after many, many years in mainstream marketing with major hotel groups across Southern Africa.
I Show Start-ups, Owners and Managers of any Small Business HOW TO DO MARKETING MADE SIIMPLE.  Including
How to FIND their IDEAL CUSTOMERS online
How to GROW that audience
How to generate content and have conversations that BUILD Trust
How to create an ENGAGED Community that wants to buy from you because they VALUE what you do and how you serve with systems and short-cuts I have learned the hard way while setting up a small business, becoming a Jack of All Trades and working with limited time and budget.

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