Marketing Made Simple as A, B, C

Here are easy Modern Marketing Tips to help grow Small Business without needing tons of time and money.

Are you like most of my coaching clients – overwhelmed with the sheer volume of modern marketing opportunities out there and, with no radar to navigate through the noise and find the easiest route?

I get it!

In addition to the pressure of the current economic situation on managing your assets, operational and financial trends, competitors springing up in different shapes and forms, workforce issues, brand building etc. there is marketing which is changing continuously as the dynamic online space evolves.

Am I correct that you see the need to reduce commissions and channel costs but don’t have the time to evaluate the proliferation of alternative Apps, plugins and platforms to reach prospective customers directly?

And, not only that, but how do you improve customer service and build relationships that acquire, retain, and monetize guests when things are no longer done as we did in the past. SOURCE    Well, I would like you to give you some ideas on where to start.

Get Quicker, Better Results with a Focus on these Modern Marketing Tips

  1. Audit your website – update and freshen up.  Make it easy for people to get in touch.
  2. Get your Facebook Business Page working.  Set it up so people can find you, Brand professionally, Post daily with content that Enriches, Educates or Entertains.  It’s their social place first.  Sell subtlety by adding value.
  3. Claim your stake on other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.  If your prospective customers are there, you must be there too. If you don’t have time to post content there every day, try for every other day.  At the very least set profiles up to help users find your primary website and your active Facebook page.
  4. Learn to use that smartphone camera and editing tool and practice collecting great visual content which is the way people enjoy consuming your messages.  You DO NOT have to spend big money.  Do it authentically and as well as you can, and you WILL attract the ‘right’ customers.  People see through big buck staged marketing hype.  REAL rocks!
  5. Don’t underestimate Email Marketing.  Collect email addresses and segment your list so that you can mail subscribers selectively with added value, news and offers.  Past and loyal clients expect a bit of extra TLC and, email marketing when done right is how you do it.
  6. Have you thought about offering your email list and Facebook audience an irresistible offer. People hate missing out and are driven by the frenzy of everyone around them?  Do you remember talking with people who score great deals, and you were put out that you didn’t pay more attention to e-commerce mailers and Black Friday specials?
  7. Identify and invite your Brand Advocates and Influencers in your marketplace to test and report on your product/service.  Get written and film video clip testimonials to put on your Facebook Page and Website.  Most people trust online content that is written by their peers and respected Influencers more.

Do you have any other Quick Tips to Add?

Let us know in the Comments Below.

Suze Bouwer, is the founder and owner of RedMatchstick Marketing; Created to offer on-the-job marketing implementation coaching to help small business owners and managers.

I show how to do better modern marketing in a way that is simple to understand and easy to do by making the best use of limited resources and without investing a fortune.

The BIG result is the peace of mind that comes from being involved in developing, and acquiring the know-how, to implement your own digital marketing strategies.



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