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This is an example of a 10 day Chat Plan to inspire content generation that attracts more followers, increases Reach and engagement.

The reason to be active on social media is because that is where your audience hangs out more than any other place online. Social media offers you inexpensive marketing channels to communicate with customers in a new and unique way.

The first step is to know which platform is best for your business since they are not all created equal attracting different audiences who communicate in different ways.

social-media-different rooms-Redmatchstick
Social Media is not a one size fits all. Think about is as different rules with different conversations!

Once you know where your business is best served, your must learn what your audience wants from you.  It pays to remember this is a SOCIAL space and you are invited by followers to enter into conversations with them.  Like any chat with a friend in a social environment, its a give and take and not all one-sided.  You have to listen to learn what interests them, what they find funny, what they want to tell others about …

Assuming your social media marketing goals are the same as most effective marketers:

  • Attract their Ideal Customers.
  • Engage with them and builds trust.
  • Usher them down their sales funnel.

… then you will be motivated and spending a great deal of time on generating the type of content that is going to result in Engagement and attract news Likes and Follows. The first level of engagement is a “Like”, next best is a Comment with which you simply must engage to keep the conversation going and, TOP level is a Share … when people love your content so much that they just have to share it with all their friends.

It is only when your content is talking to the hearts, souls and minds of your audience that you will get any engagement.  You need to learn about them, what interests them, what challenges them, how you can plug holes better than your competition or be their go-to for info, expertise, advice etc.

The sure way to learn what works and what doesn’t is to vary your content and monitor your reporting statistics to see what is generating engagement and what is not.  The 14-day Chat Plan is one way you can implement a system to do exactly that.


This 14 Day Chat Plan will help you:

  • Vary the types of posts from text, to image, to video to link sharing
  • Focus on entertaining, educating and enriching your audience with quality content
  • Stop over-promoting and being too salesy

Try this for two weeks and see which content is most successful and what you are wasting your time with because your followers don’t care for it.  Do more of the good stuff, drop the useless stuff and find other types of content to test.

I’d love for you to share tips about types of content that you have tested and that work well in your business!

Red Matchstick Hospitality Marketing

10 day Chat Plan

Download an Example

Day 1


What’s happening in your business?  Tell a story using a series of images.
Day 2


Share some Tips about How your product/services helps your customers.
Day 3

Learn about them

Ask a random question which sheds some light on what makes your audience tick.
Day 4


Share an Influencer’s article that helps your audience live/do/serve better.
Day 5


Share a Testimonial from a customer talking about how you have made a difference to them and their business.
Day 6


Use canva.com to design an inspirational quote using your own unique image.  Add your logo!
Day 7


Create a Meme or share a joke to make people smile (and share!)
Day 8

Facebook offer

Give your Facebook audience something they value like a Free template or a consult.
Day 9


Ask for Selfie at your Business/with your product and stand a chance to win.
Day 10


What’s happening in your business – chat about an event or new development.  Ask for input!
Day 11

Cover Photo

Change your cover with a photo or video and include a   Call to Action.
Day 12


Send them to your Blog or a Landing Page on your website for an interesting or educational read.
Day 13


Share a silly and fun image of yourself doing something you love, to connect to your audience.
Day 14


An offer

Promote your business or an event.  Do not use an image with more than 20% text over.  Send them to your Facebook Event or website for more info and booking/buying details.












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