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Share your content on Twitter

Link building is an important component of effective SEO.

Stuck for ideas on how to get back links to your website or Blog?

You can easily create a tweetable link in just a few minutes

from right inside your content

and here’s how …

Open one of your Blog posts

  • Select or Write text that you want to Tweet
  • Add Call to Action e.g. Share Now or Tweet This
Write tweetable Blog copy
Write tweetable Blog copy

Copy your Blog URL

Shorten the Blog post link

  • Paste into the Bitly box and “Copy” Bitly link
  • In a new window open Click to Tweet and Sign in with Twitter
  • Return to Blog Page “Copy” the shareable Tweet (without the CTA)

Return to ClickToTweet

Paste/Edit the Blog message that you want to Tweet

ClickToTweet screenshot
ClickToTweet screenshot
  • Add your own @Twitter handle so you can monitor the action in your Twitter Notifications
  • Add your shortened Bitly Blog post link i.e. where you want Traffic to land
  • Check “Track Stats”
  • “Generate”  a new link by clicking the GREEN box
  • “Click” Open link in new window
  • “Copy” link

Return to your Blog

  • Highlight your CTA (not the entire message)
  • “Click” to Insert Link
  • Paste Click To Tweet “Link“
  • Check ‘open new window’ box
  • Click ‘Update’ Post to save
  • Close Your Blog

Check it works …

Open Your Blog again Click on your Tweet Call To Action


Your Tweet should appear in the Twitter Tweet box ready to be shared!

Another great Social Media Tip from RedMatchstick!  If you Love it – “Tweet This”

Download free step by step instructions with screen shots  How to Get your Blog Tweeted!

Let us know how this works for you in the Comments below.

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