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Yesterday (27 Jan 2013)  I was at a beautiful restaurant for lunch in Parys – each outside table in its own little secluded area in the garden down towards the river … just perfect for a Sunday lunch.

As a TripAdvisor convertee, I did of course check with the ‘review guru’ and booked despite the most recent review for this restaurant  – it was lambasted it for slow service.  Whilst it may be a very valid gripe for that particular individual, they do say in the Menu intro that food is prepared fresh and that the setting does come with its service challenges.

I am managing a client through a valid negative review situation and Wow (!), when it happens, the damage a negative review can cause is devastating in so many ways for passionate owners and managers, while the reviewer having purged him/herself carries on with life mostly unscathed but for one unpleasant experience.

As Tourism Marketers we must set an example of responsible reviews – to post the ‘Good’ just as quickly and enthusiastically as the ‘Bad’ and the ‘Ugly’; and take a moment to consider what other variables may have influenced the ‘off’ experience.

I suspect the person who complained so vehemently about the restaurant must have been with awful company if they could not relax and soak up the atmosphere!  We almost found the arrival of our food order an intrusion.  The food was great by the way – served hot and drinks with plenty of eish!



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