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Use social media for organic SEO

This article highlights issues about SEO of your website and the importance of an ongoing campaign:


It is no longer about a ‘pretty’ site and as we embark on our marketing plans for 2012, SEO (handled by our carefully identified professionals who specialise in this service) will feature very prominently to ensure that your hotel website is the “centre of your world” …

An optimised website:

• Puts you ahead of the competition

• Builds awareness

• Strengthens your brand

• Increases direct enquiries

• Reduces channel/third party commissions

As the article points out, an effective SEO campaign requires:

• Site Architecture and Site-Wide SEO to make all pages “search engine friendly.”

• Keyword Research into each specific page

• On-Page Optimization: optimize keywords into the text, streamline the code (if necessary) and implement onto the site.

• SEO Maintenance: review past optimization efforts and implement tweaks and changes designed to improve site performance.

• Link Building/Social Media: New or competitive sites can, and often do, need much stronger link building or social media campaigns.

• Analytics and Testing: No SEO campaign is complete without some way to analyze the overall performance of the optimization, usability and conversion improvement efforts that are being invested.

You can expect to hear a great deal more about this from us!



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