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One-to-One Marketing Coaching



Zoom online or Fourways Offices in person.

We focus together on your priorities and unique business
needs while avoiding the stuff that causes overwhelm; setting goals together that hold you accountable to avoid procrastination.

Individual Coaching includes mentoring, video tutorials, worksheets, cheat sheets, and tools designed to make it quicker, and

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This option is for people who want results quicker, have the necessary
Budget, People, and Time TO DO THE WORK, but want personal attention and value coaching for ACCOUNTABILITY to fast track!

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How 1-2-1 Marketing Coaching works


A digital marketing strategy does not show results overnight.  To ensure that you give us the opportunity to show you an excellent return on your investment with us, we contract for a minimum period of six months following an orientation month.

Our consulting and mentorship is based on a weekly pre-scheduled meeting (in person at our office or Zoom) with your accountable Marketing representative or team.

A one-to-one weekly agenda may include:

  • – Review last week’s Action Plan / Minutes
  • – Identify challenges & successes
  • – Upcoming events and promotions update to Chat Plan
  • – Plan campaigns
  • – Competitor initiatives
  • – Sales & Guest/Customer/Member/Patient feedback
  • – Reports & Analytics
  • – Update Objectives
  • – Update Timelines and Responsibilities
  • – Social Media training
  • – New ideas

During the week and in between meetings, we keep a vigilant eye on your social media activity to be able to give you quick direction and support if necessary to correct, clarify, respond or ‘do’ as may be required.

1-2-1 Coaching Gets You …

  • Peace of Mind with Us at your Back!
  • A shortcut through the learning curve.
  • See results that much quicker.
  • Save money and time by learning what to focus on.
  • Develop and retain skills in your business with a sustainable plan in place.
  • Have sustainable Systems and a Plan in place, to take you forward.

What We Do:

  • Set Business Goals & Objectives
  • Do a Competitor Analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Define your Target Markets & Specify Buyer Personas
  • Positioning & USP focused on the Benefits of what you “Sell”
  • Ensure consistency of your Identity, Branding, Marketing tools, Sales Collateral
  • Integrated Marketing with a Chat Plan
  • Developing your Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Set up relevant Social Media Platforms
  • Update your website
  • Email Marketing Best Practices
  • Blogging
  • Google Analytics and Social Media Reports
  • Online Advertising

RedMatchstick Hospitality Marketing seeks to add value in all our interactions with your business, starting with our mini-marketing audit during the Orientation Month which serves as a guideline to update your Marketing Plan once your Current Situation is analyzed.

Work with your own Marketing Coach

Red Matchstick is the perfect online marketing resource for small businesses that do not have access to the resources and expertise that the big brands have.

Working with Suze Bouwer will not only help you establish what is important to grow your business but also show you how to do it in your workplace with minimum waste of time, budget and energy!

Suze Bouwer is neither an Ad Agency nor Design Consultant.

Working with a coach to develop your Digital Marketing strategy will integrate your website, social media, email marketing, blogging, content generation and SEO.

Here is a framework that works side by side with our clients – coaching on the essential steps and ultimately putting in place a plan that guides all stakeholders and focuses effort on what you do and why!

 Are you interested in One-on-One Marketing Coaching for your Business?


We offer a FREE consultation in person or via a Zoom to assess whether we are a good fit. 

Our coaching is not for everyone and since we have limited capacity, we must be sure for both our sakes that our time together will be rewarding and a success. 

We want you to reap the benefits of doing better marketing so that you can refer the next Coaching Client with confidence.

To book an appointment, you may Mail Suze Bouwer!




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